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Stefan Raducanu

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Being an expert in your field does not automatically that you are prepared to run a successful consulting practice. The "business of consulting" is just that- a business. And imparting your knowledge and expertise is just a small part of running ...

globalpartnersnetwork.gifTransforming data -> information -> knowledge -> profits.

TotalWebSite,Enhance your site TODAY with MyNewsCenterBiz*, MyBiz,informations, actualités, témoignages. Internet News, People, Regions, Countries, Firms, Departments..You!...

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Transforming data -> information -> knowledge -> profits.

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“To utilize knowledge management synergy
in delivering business solutions that achieve
competitive advantage and world-class recognition."

This network works simple. We like the page invite all our friends, partners, clients,... and we share the advertisement. Now the page is growing rapidly, which means every minute someone writes an ad on the page. That means your advertising just got better. Feel free to check out everything that's shared as well because you want to treat people like you want to be treated yourself. Now there is more ways to advertise with this blog and you can easily find that on page itself.

...in fact, you have to be.

At a time when your competition is moving fast and the global marketplace even faster, SRU offers you two powerfull research services that will keep you on top af all your business challenges and opportunities. No matter what industry you're interested in, SRU provides you with valuable Internet access to the most current , in-depty, competitive intelligence available

Turn Strategy into Action, to deliver to add value for best results

Grow your expertise with The "Community for Entrepreneurs"

As we continue to grow, we still strive to stay true to our core values and to work with each and every client on configuring a solution that will fit his exact needs and requirements. As always, we are 100% committed to all our clients and users that help us prove every day that the wisdom of the crowds can provide amazing business results.

SRU-Electronics  a business portal to promote entrepreneurship across Europe and to inform entrepreneurs about support available for them at European, national and local level.

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  Region, Country, Firm, Department,...You !


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  Get access to exclusive mobile advertising and app marketing deals, news and resources.

 SRU-Electronics is a global web site published by FranceWebAsso. Our news, editorial and newsletters keep you in the know about Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Social Business and Info Management. Thanks for joining us!

Better websites for all

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 The ability to reach the world. The capacity to change it.


 It's what happens when the most advanced network on earth meets the world's richest content to take your business anywhere on the planet. A fast, secure, seamless global network. A full range of  services that meld network and applications to enable an array of rich content. One Planet. One Network. Infinite possibilities.


E-GlobalNetwork's unique infrastructure, applications and Web hosting for Micro, Small and Medium-sized  Enterprises (SMEs) at Global, European, national or local level.

 Collaborate, Communicate, Connect...24/7/365.

 The Infinite Archive. Storing bits for 100 years.

 The Global Evolution


 Look to the Future, and what do you see? New life, new technology.

 This is our vision of the future: inventing a better world in which you grow up.


Our Mission : Building Global Communication Networks.


The World is our Workplace. Let's work togheter.

 International Communications, (Cooperation)....

 Intercultural Management ,

 Global Business Development


 To preserve our knowledge base and cultures, we must find a way to save digital content for future generation.

 3ARWD1.GIFPut the World's News at your fingertips 24 hours a day-> Get ahead of the world's emerging stories-> Delivers what You need->A complet collection of World newspapers,Radio, Tv, MyNewsCenterNavigator

Dipl.Ing.StefanV.RaducanuWebCollection>The secret of the success" > transforming data > information -> knowledge -> profits-> Networking the World>GlobalPartnersNetwork>AllianceNetWork


Global4.jpgKnow why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succeed.

"It's just a beautiful program. That's what I say to everyone."

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