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"SRU-Electronics is an impressive research portal that also provides an interactive component that draws from both social media and knowledge management processes."

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SRU-Electronics reframes organisation culture to bridge the divide and improve results

Business educators, researchers and senior executives responsible for strategy, particularly in high-tech industries, will find insight and ideas to tackle market and business discontinuities on the 21st century.

Top Stories from Computing
Analytics creating whole host of privacy issues, claims University of Derby’s IT director
News - Tue 10th Feb 16:16
Neil Williams is concerned about the ethics of Big Brother big data efforts
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday to leave Windows Server 2003 unprotected
News - Wed 11th Feb 12:32
Windows Server 2003 to remain unpatched against major year-old flaw due to effort required to fix it
Why hybrid cloud is a perfect fit for the public sector
Analysis - Wed 11th Feb 12:00
Citizen-focused services with temporal peaks and troughs such as tax self-assessment or the Passport Service are ideal candidates for hybrid cloud, writes Marc Esmiley
Carrier-neutral data centres: the best option for hybrid cloud?
Analysis - Wed 11th Feb 10:00
As hybrid cloud becomes more popular, enterprises are starting to look at carrier-neutral data centres, where all providers are in the same building
Hitachi to acquire big data firm Pentaho as part of Internet of Things push
News - Wed 11th Feb 11:58
Deal expected to be closed by June
The many reasons why Cameron's plans to weaken encryption are a farce
Analysis - Tue 10th Feb 15:00
Zimbra CMO Olivier Thierry explains why plans to introduce backdoors are both unworkable and undesirable
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Latest Features from Computing
Keeping mobile development covered: Insourcing and mobile analytics at Hillarys
Big science: Decoding the human genome and the mysteries of the universe with supercomputers
Cambridge University experts explain how supercomputers and big data are helping answer some of science's thorniest questions
Why the Hadoop big data bubble will continue to expand in 2015
After HortonWorks' successful IPO, MapR and Cloudera are out to prove that they too can flourish on the public stage
More Features from Computing
Latest Analysis from Computing
Apigee APIs help Morrisons bring better service to loyal customers
Apigee’s API platform has helped Morrisons launch its Match & More loyalty programme
Covering more bases: DataStax and MongoDB move to spread their influence in enterprise
New storage engine for Mongo and addition of graph database Titan to DataStax reveals multi-model trend in NoSQL
Dr. Martens selects ‘value for money’ ShoreTel over Cisco, Avaya, Mitel
UK footwear company intends to use Shoretel globally and incorporate unified comms in supply chain too
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