Citizen Hero Snowden has earned our respect and admiration for exposing a government agency gone completely out of control after a faction gained control of it.

Snowden risked everything including his freedom and, quite possibly, his life, to bring us the information that things were not only as bad as some of us had imagined... they were far worse.

He MUST be given full immunity from prosecution and be allowed to return home and be given recognition for his heroism.

The malfeasances of the NSA are a cancer that must be extirpated from our country's government agency operations.

Snowden, in addition, revealed a strategy by the NSA that is fundamentally flawed, failed to stop the Boston Marathon attacks and has been criticized by former managers and analysts at the NSA itself.

Infested by profit making contractors, riddled with security holes and weaknesses, and relying on draconian threats of punishment which will be laughable to foreign spies willing to die for their own country, we must reform these agencies before they weaken us militarily, technologically and strategically any more.