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China’s new search for extraterrestrial civilizations, and rationality unlimited

The beautiful Buyei ethnic people in China’s Pingtang County may not yet be aware their mountainous valley has since July 3 become a link to life in galaxies far, far away. Last Sunday, China installed the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope… Read More ›

China and India eye Asian Century as Brexit rattles old order

(From AFP) Britain's vote to leave the European Union and simmering discontent in other Western countries is seen as hastening the arrival of an "Asian Century", analysts say, led by the rise of China and India. By 2050, Asia will account for over half the world's GDP, almost double that of 2011, according to the Asian Development Bank, with three ...
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Philippines seeks close ties with China

Amid media rhetoric in Beijing and China’s ongoing naval drills, the Philippine government is formulating plans to move closer to that country, whatever be the Hague tribunal’s ruling on South China Sea on July 12. MINDANAO, Philippines — The Philippine… Read More ›


Global economy ‘grim’ and G20 must step up to fix it – China

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - The global economic situation is grim and major economies must lead the way in tackling problems including sluggish growth and weak trade, China's trade minister Gao Hucheng said on Saturday. Gao made the remarks at the start ...
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IMF’s Lagarde nominates Chinese central banker as new deputy

By David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) - International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on Friday she has nominated Tao Zhang, deputy governor of China's central bank, to serve as an IMF deputy managing director effective Aug. 22. International Monetary ...
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virginia class submarine

Stealth and armed to the teeth: US navy’s big plan for submarine dominance

(From The National Interest) The United States Navy is moving swiftly to make sure that its submarines are not eclipsed by new threats such as ...
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Catholic church in Changjing in China's Guangxi region

Church and China Communists vie over French missionary

(From AFP) To the Catholic Church, French missionary Auguste Chapdelaine is a saint, martyred for his faith 160 years ago in China. To Communist Party ...
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Hun Sen govt's harsh critic shot dead

Cambodian critic Kem Ley shot dead, suspect arrested

(From AFP) A prominent Cambodian political analyst known for his trenchant criticism of the government was shot dead Sunday morning at a convenience store, police ...
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Abu Sayyaf militants

Gunmen in boat kidnap 3 Indonesians off Malaysian state of Sabah

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Gunmen kidnapped three Indonesian tugboat crew off Malaysia's eastern state of Sabah, police said on Sunday, the latest in a string ...
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Filipino fishermen pin hopes on sea ruling

Filipinos hope to fish without fear of China after a ‘favorable’ sea ruling

By Manuel Mogato INFANTA, Philippines (Reuters) - For years, the fishermen of the sleepy Philippine town of Infanta cared little for politics, international diplomacy and ...
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Japan’s ruling bloc heads for hefty win in vote, but just how big?

By Linda Sieg TOKYO (Reuters) - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruling coalition looks to be headed for a comfortable victory in an election on Sunday ...
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Asia Times Top Writers

Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports, Travel, Food, Tech

(From Fashion News) The retail sector in Hong Kong is finding it difficult to keep their boat afloat amidst the decline in mainland tourists since a year ago. Now, the Britain’s vote to leave the EU is likely to make ... Read More
South Korean heartthrob Song Joong-ki’s modest hometown and childhood home have become major tourist attractions. Actor Song Joong-ki attained international fame, thanks to the grand “Descendants of the Sun” success. When the drama was being aired earlier this year, some ... Read More
India's Saina Nehwal
Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal is all set to win a medal in the Rio Olympics but which one is the question. Let’s hope for the gold, as she’s in a good form right now and has just won the Australian ... Read More
(From Asahi Shimbun) Confusing public information symbols, which often leave foreign tourists scratching their heads, have prompted the government to revamp the pictograms ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The economy ministry announced July 7 at a Japanese ... Read More
(From Deccan Chronicle) Warm cocktails are just the need of the season, to relax and revive the senses, even as they keep illnesses at bay. As the monsoons get well settled into their third week, it’s just the kind of ... Read More
Spero eletric bike feature
India’s first crowdfunded electric bike has just hit the road. It can run for 100 km after a single charge. It can reach 25 km per hour in under 10 seconds. Its per kilom

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