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To stay in the game, your presence is critical.THE NEW GLOBAL VILLAGE.Network of cooperating companies which complete each other seamless on the complete spectrum of Internet and communication.People, Regions, Countries, Firms, Departments, Knowledge, You


 The ability to reach the world. The capacity to change it.


It's what happens when the most advanced network on earth meets the world's richest content to take your business anywhere on the planet. A fast, secure, seamless global network. A full range of  services that meld network and applications to enable an array of rich content. One Planet. One Network. Infinite possibilities.



E-GlobalNetwork's unique infrastructure, applications and Web hosting for Micro, Small and Medium-sized  Enterprises (SMEs) at Global, European, national or local level.



The e-Global are a Network of cooperating companies which complete each other seamless on the complete spectrum of Internet and communication.

In this very vast Internet site we describe of course who we are, what we do, how we work and where you can find us.
Moreover you find a lot of interactive examples under applications. In ours port folio our projects have been placed. In the chapter news you, find articles which we have published in the past five years.

The Global Evolution

 globalpartnersnetwork - Copie.jpg

Look to the Future, and what do you see? New life, new technology.

This is our vision of the future: inventing a better world in which you grow up.


Our Mission : Building Global Communication Networks.


People, Regions, Countries, Firms, Departments, Knowledge, Business Network,..., You !



The World is our WorkplaceLet's work togheter.

Collaborate, Communicate, Connect...24/7/365.

The Infinite Archive. Storing bits for 100 years.

To preserve our knowledge base and cultures, we must find a way to save digital content for future generation.

E-GLOBALNETWORK drives our ambition of "prosperity for all" by working to create the best environment for business success in the World. We help people and companies become more productive by promoting enterprise, innovation and creativity. We champion French business at home and abroad. We invest heavily in world-class science and technology. We protect the rights of working people and consumers. And we stand up for fair and open markets in France, Europe and the World.

Reach the right prospects at the right time with E-GLOBALNETWORK

The benefits

It is no exaggeration to describe E-GLOBALNETWORK as a revolution for the marketing industry. For the first time, it gives businesses of any size access to the mass market at an affordable price and, unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing. Specific benefits include: global reach, lower cost, 24-hour marketing, shorter lead times, a level playing field, personalisation, one-to-one marketing

Become our Partner


We believe in long-term, fair cooperations, built on mutual benefit, competence, responsibility and trust. We believe in partner networks where every partner contributes his know-how and professional competence to the realisation of successful business projects. We offer you a partnership where you keep your individuality and profit from our solutions and technology for ther realisation of  your own independent projects. Are you interested? Please contact  us!

We have dedicated our knowledge and experience, time and effort to provide our customers and business partners with state-of-the-art solutions and services that exceed their expectation of quality. We are determined to build successful long-term cooperations where our partners keep complete independence and rely on our professional services to stay highly competitive in a dynamic,  ever changing business environment.

Our highly-skilled partners provide know how to "retain good, identify and improve the weak points to ensure independence and the implication of future applications." We focus only our costumers, their aims, their conditions, their visions to develop their special solution.


E-GLOBALNETWORK is the most cost-effective way to promote your site on the Web.

To stay in the game, your presence is critical.

Registration offer great benefits.

For more information call us at  +33 (0)1 39 65 50 34 ,

or contact Business Development Representative, Stefan Raducanu


+33 (0)6 21 97 47 99





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