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I hope this made Google a little bit more understandable.Fact: there are only 10 places on Googles first page. How many competitiors has your business got for that spot?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you type a search query into Google?




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L’avènement de l’IA signera la fin de la corruption et des petits arrangements. Demain, les assistants vocaux négocieront les contrats directement entre eux, prédit Stéphane Mallard, auteur du livre Disruption. Les appels d’offres truqués ou attribués aux petits copains ne passeront pas le filtre des algorithmes, focalisés sur l’efficacité et le mieux disant. L’IA est aussi bien meilleure que l’humain pour évaluer les risques et les investissements les plus appropriés. On sait par ailleurs que le jugement humain est soumis à de nombreux biais. Selon une étude de la Harvard Business Review, les femmes ont 5% de chances en moins que les hommes d’obtenir une augmentation de salaire quand elles en demandent à leur patron. Les discriminations concernant l’apparence physique ou le lieu d’habitation sont monnaie courante. Les algorithmes, eux, sont totalement rationnels et impartiaux.

Les idées novatrices font peur et il faut du temps pour le faire accepter. Courage !

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e-Collaboration , le travail en réseau et l’efficacité collective : modèle de développement pour la réussite

Have you wondered what factors Google takes into account when deciding to rank your webpage amongst billions of other webpages on the Internet?

According to Matt Cutts, a former engineer in the quality group at Google this is what happens when you do a web search. The first thing to understand is that when you do a Google search, you aren’t actually searching the web, you’re searching Google’s index of the web, or at least as much of it as we can find. We do this with software programs called spiders. Spiders start by fetching a few web pages then they follow the links on those pages and fetch the pages they point to, and follow all the links on those pages and fetch the pages they link to and so on, until we’ve indexed a pretty big chunk of the web–many billions of pages stored across thousands of machines.

Now, suppose I want to know how fast a cheetah can run. I type in my search, say, cheetah running speed and hit return. Our software searches our index to find every page that includes those search terms. In this case, there are hundreds of thousands of possible results.

How does Google decide which few documents I really want? By asking questions–more than 200 of them. Like:

  • How many times does this page contain your keywords?
  • Do the words appear in the title, in the URL, directly adjacent?
  • Does the page include synonyms for those words?
  • Is this page from a quality website or is it low quality, even spamming?
  • What is this page’s PageRank?
    (That’s a formula invented by our founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin that rates a web page’s importance by looking at how many outside links point to it, and how important those links are.)

Finally, we combine all those factors together to produce each page’s overall score and send you back your search results about half a second after you submit your search. At Google, we take our commitment to delivering useful and impartial search results very seriously. We don’t ever accept payment to add a site to our index, update it more often or improve its ranking. Let’s take a look at my search results. Each entry includes a title, a URL and a snippet of text to help me decide whether this page is what I’m looking for. I also see links to similar pages, Google’s most recent stored version of that page, and related searches that I might want to try next. And sometimes, along the right and at the top, I’ll see adds. We take our advertising business very seriously as well, both our commitment to deliver the best possible audience for advertisers and to strive to only show ads that you really want to see. We’re very careful to distinguish your ads from regular search results and we won’t show you any ads at all if we can’t find any that we think will help you find the information you’re looking for–which, in this case, the cheetah’s top running speed is more than 60 miles an hour.

I hope this made Google a little bit more understandable.

Are you having difficulty getting your webpages ranked?

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 Fact: there are only 10 places on Googles first page. How many competitiors has your business got for that spot?

Having a well designed web site, a great product and excellent service, is no longer enough to attract visitors to your site. There are more web pages than people on the planet and over 2,000,000 new blog posts added to the web every day.

Without search engine optimisation your site is going to be lost in the ever expanding web of the Internet.

Trying to optimise it yourself or using a cheap Search Engine Optimisation company can easily get your site hit with an over-optimisation penalty from Google, costing you thousands in lost sales, Google reconsideration requests and if all else fails having to start again from scratch with a new website and domain name.

Thats why it is important to use a reputable company. Nuasoft SEO Services do not use any automated software or outsource any work to cheap suppliers or use any linking schemes. We make sure that your websites Search Engine Optimisation meets Google’s guidelines, protecting you from a penalty.

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