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Let' put smart to work !

0GR3TXHD_400x400SR.jpgWhy not now?

Local Solutions

Experience for all citizens

Citizen-Centered Service Delivery

Digital Reinvention

We live in a moment of unprecedented innovation, entrepreneurial energy, and possibility. Cities are the laboratories of the 21st century. Citizens are the new scientists.

2 maini.jpgThe Grid,a member-based partnership network for urban tech community. The goal of the network is to link organizations, academia and local tech leaders in order to promote collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and resources. Our aim is to learn ideas and methods from lead partner, expert and partners on how to increase local communty participation in town development (in ideal so that everybody can really feel as a part of a decisions made) and for that to create a community center for local people (despite the age, race, religion etc..) for socializing and lifelong learning. All that, in our opinion would dedicate to better democracy, make community stronger and bolder to participate in every level of the towns development in and for the future. 

In addition to connecting member companies and talent, The Grid will host various events, educational programs and co-innovation projects, while hopefully improving access to investors as well as pilot program opportunities. The Grid is launching with more than 30 member organizations — approved through an application and screening process — across various stages and sectors. FRANCEWEB (nonprofit dedicated to connecting urban tech leaders) wants to prove its initiatives are more than just “show-and-tell” projects and city officials believe that building a truly sustainable innovation economy is dependent on all its local resources working in conjunction, allowing entrepreneurship to permeate every arm of commerce. With an institutionalized network like The Grid,  hopes it can further fuse its pockets of innovation into one well-oiled machine, consistently producing transformative ideas. “The Grid represents a promising new way for FRANCEWEB to work across sectors to strengthen collaboration and innovation, first in Poissy City and hopefully soon in many more cities across the country and around the world,” said FRANCEWEB president and CEO Stefan Raducanu in a statement. “It signals that PoissyWorldWide is leading with a new approach to technology and startup culture, with a real focus on diversity, inclusion, equity, and community.”As one of the largest and most industrially diverse cities in the department, GPS&O has naturally placed a heightened focus on the growing sector of “urban tech” — which has been broadly categorized as innovation focused on improving city functionality, equality or ease of living. FRANCEWEB is also launching The Grid Academy, an adjacent academic group with the mission of creating applied R&D partnerships between local academic institutions and corporate sponsors.The Grid is the natural home for authors, editors, and societies. We are committed to providing the best possible service to all our publishing partners. Grid has forged strong partnerships with influential scholarly and professional societies and associations for nearly half a century. Current society members who are entitled to online access to a society or association journal as a benefit of membership can manage their access from this page.

 The Crucial Question : Is It for You ?

As partner, you have to be market-driven, or information -driven.

Where can you find the knowledge to expand your Internet experience ?

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Une stratégie de partenariats. LA COOPERATION EN 3 CLICS

Appel à CONTRIBUTION>PoissyWebSmartCity, Imaginez ce que nous pouvons faire ensemble.

1agld1r.gifCo-construction de la valeur des données de la Ville et à leur mise en commun. The Grid

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