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Le mimétisme, un modèle mental essentiel construire l’avenir

par Philippe Silberzahn

Il y a fort longtemps, j'étais en classe de première je crois, j'ai eu à rédiger un devoir d'histoire dans lequel on nous demandait de comparer les deux discours successifs du Maréchal Pétain le 17 juin 1940 demandant l'armistice et de Charles de Gaulle lui répondant depuis Londres le lendemain, et qui invitait les français […]

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Secure Remote Industrial Monitoring and Control Enabled by Owl Cyber Defense
Summary Remote access to operational technology (OT) assets offers significant benefits for industrial companies.   Remote access reduces the resources needed for operations staffs to monitor and control geographically distributed assets.  Maintenance teams can reduce downtime with remote asset monitoring and, if needed, rapid response by off-site personnel and vendor experts. Engineers can continuously monitor and improve operating practices. By Sid Snitkin  
IoT-enabled Fleet Management for Improved Visibility and Versatility
Summary The ability to track fleet assets in real time is becoming increasingly important as companies look to provide more accurate estimated times of arrival to customers, drive efficiencies, and a better overall customer experience.  Customer expectations are changing as more data becomes available through IoT-enabled solutions. These data go beyond simply knowing where an asset is; they include knowing what disruptions can impact the ETA and how to navigate through these disruptions, driver behavior that impacts the delivery timeframe, and vehicle maintenance requirements. By Chris Cunnane  
Cybersecurity Across Sectors:  More Unites Us Than Separates Us
Overview The effort and expense required to establish and operate an effective industrial cybersecurity management system can be difficult or impossible to justify in the conventional sense.  Responding to growing and evolving cybersecurity risks is not an option, but an imperative. Addressing this imperative requires that asset owners and other stakeholders look beyond their own sector or industry for guidance and direction, drawing on as broad a range of experience as possible. By Eric Cosman    
Secure Industrial and Automotive IoT Solutions to be Delivered by L&T Technology Services and Kudelski Group
L&T Technology Services and The Kudelski Group announced a multi-faceted partnership to enable connected cars and industrial systems with device identity and protect the device, data, decisions, commands and actions.  LTTS’ engineering expertise combined with Kudelski’s leadership in embedded security systems will help industrial equipment manufacturers and automotive OEMs create new features and business models while increasing their safety and efficiency. By Ralph Rio  
IFS and Acumatica to Form Global Cloud ERP Powerhouse Under EQT Ownership
 EQT Partners, a leading investment firm with $45B (€40B) of assets under management, has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire cloud-native enterprise software provider Acumatica through an investment vehicle owned by the same holding company that holds IFS AB (Industrial and Financial Systems).  To further reinforce this coalition, following the closing of the transaction Jonas Persson will serve as chairman for both companies. By Ralph Rio    
Quorum Software Acquires Archeio Technologies and Enhances Solution Portfolio to Accelerate Digitization
Quorum Software (Quorum), a Thoma Bravo portfolio company and a leader in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry, announced it has acquired Dallas-based Archeio Technologies, a leading provider of oil and gas document classification and smart search technology.  The acquisition expands and strengthens Quorum’s software and services with a cloud-based document management tool built to help make oil and gas operations more secure, agile and compliant. By Tim Shea    
Digital Transformation and Innovation in Smart Buildings & Spaces Accelerated by Infosys and Microsoft Collaboration
Infosys announced a collaboration with Microsoft to deliver smart buildings and spaces (SB&S) solutions for the architecture, engineering, construction, facilities management and real estate development markets.  Leveraging the latest digital technologies, the solutions aim to improve the entire lifecycle of building construction and operations, and the user experiences of those that manage and work in buildings. By Ralph Rio    
ABB and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Further Partnership to Connect Industrial Customers with Insight
ABB and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) company, will collaborate to deliver a scalable, high-performance wireless connectivity solution for large industrial customers.  Customers will be able to capture valuable data and insights from their equipment via ABB Ability Smart Sensor technology and access it via a web portal, a cloud interface or a mobile phone application. By Harry Forbes    
Cognizant to Acquire Zenith Technologies, a Leader in Life Sciences Manufacturing Technology Services
Cognizant has agreed to acquire Zenith Technologies, a privately held Life Sciences manufacturing technology services company.  With this acquisition, Cognizant will expand its IoT portfolio and broaden its Life Sciences expertise by enabling it to be a single-source provider of end-to-end, smart factory capabilities.   Based in Ireland, Zenith Technologies specializes in implementing digital technologies to manage, control, and optimize drug and medical device production for maximum operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. By Ralph Rio    
NXP and Microsoft Bring Microsoft Azure Sphere Security to the Intelligent Edge
NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced collaboration with Microsoft to deliver a new Microsoft Azure Sphere certified crossover applications processor as an extension to their i.MX 8 applications processor series.  Reportedly, the collaboration will deliver a secure, ultra-efficient, intelligent embedded processor for edge nodes that seamlessly runs Azure Sphere’s security platform while also providing multi-core heterogeneous computing, rich graphics experience, and low-power audio processing capabilities.  Limited sampling of the product is planned to begin in Q4 2020. By Chantal Polsonetti    
Industrial Internet Reference Architecture, Version 1.9 Published by The Industrial Internet Consortium
The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced the publication of version 1.9 of the IIC Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA) Technical Report, a standards-based architectural template and methodology that enables Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system architects to design their own systems based on a common framework and concepts. First published in 2015, the IIRA identifies and highlights common architectural concerns found in IIoT systems and classifies them into viewpoints along with their respective stakeholders. By Chantal Polsonetti  
   Batteryless Wireless Sensing Provider PsiKick Rebrands to Everactive and Announces Next-Generation Products
Batteryless wireless sensing provider PsiKick announced it has changed its name to Everactive and closed a $30 million funding round, led by Future Fund and joined by new investors Blue Bear Capital and ABB Technology Ventures, alongside existing investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Osage University Partners.   The company has raised $63 million to date.  By Chantal Polsonetti    
TCS Launches MasterCraft TransformPlus v4.0 with New Cognitive Features for Analysis and Modernization of Enterprise Applications
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced the release of TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus 4.0, a major upgrade of the product, with new cognitive features for analysis and modernization of legacy applications.  The new release will help enterprises embarking on digital transformation journeys further reduce the risk of business disruption and ensure high quality outcomes. TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus is an intelligent automation product for end-to-end enterprise application modernization, supporting a wide range of programming languages in the market, from legacy to modern technologies. By Ralph Rio   
Red Lion Releases A New Bigger and Brighter Graphite HMI Series
Red Lion Controls announced the release of an additional model to its Graphite series of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), a new 12.1” Outdoor Graphite HMI, designed to address sunlight readable applications.  With all cast-aluminum construction, the Graphite series provides a more rugged HMI solution to combine a wider range of more versatile plug-in modules with protocol conversion, data logging, and web-based monitoring and control. Red Lion’s Graphite series allows customers to connect, monitor and control processes in industries, such as manufacturing, oil and gas and water/wastewater.  By Craig Resnick    
ABB Unveils MicroSCADA X and SDA500
ABB has launched two new solutions, including MicroSCADA X, ABB’s power and automation control solution, with a next-generation human machine interface (HMI) and SDA500, a remote terminal unit (RTU)-based smart control cabinet.  Together, MicroSCADA X and SDA500 will help improve grid reliability and power quality by reducing outage time and supporting the fast restoration of the entire grid. MicroSCADA X provides customers a fast and clear overview of the network situation for operational reliability of their power distribution system. By Ralph Rio    
OSIsoft Releases OSIsoft Cloud Services for General Availability
OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS), a cloud-native, real-time data management system for unifying and augmenting critical operations data from across an organization to accelerate industrial analytics, data science initiatives, data sharing, and other digital transformation projects, has been released for general availability. By Janice Abel    
Emerson Releases New Formation Evaluation Software
Emerson has announced the release of Geolog 19, the latest version of its formation evaluation software suite.   The release includes new display formats that enhance collaboration between subsurface specialists.  This includes representation of zonal data as crossplot and histogram tracks, so that geoscientists can better understand the relationships between rock formation pressures, stresses, and mud weights, for example. By Tim Shea  
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Industrial Cybersecurity for OT/ICS
ARC's industrial cybersecurity for OT/ICS survey wants to gain insights into your perceptions and needs around the cybersecurity of Operational Technology (OT) / Industrial Control Systems (ICS).  The topic ‘Industrial cybersecurity’ is an emerging field of security solutions, designed to protect Operational Technology (OT) / Industrial Control System (ICS) environments, such as different types of automation and process control systems, which include the devices, systems, networks, and controls used to operate and/or automate industrial processes. By Thomas Menze
How Much Is Your Data Worth? Measuring the ROI of Machine Connectivity
Machine connectivity is certainly one of the hottest topics in industrial automation today. But the questions are what is the return on investment (ROI) on machine connectivity, and how much is the data that results from machine connectivity actually worth? By Craig Resnick and Allen Avery
What about Track & Trace
In the light of the rapid transformation of the industrial sector industrial companies are considering or have begun to apply available technologies to create a transparent supply chain. Track & Trace solutions can provide insights and control of the entire process: from the supplier of raw materials or parts, through the in-house process and warehousing up to the end customer. By Constanze Schmitz





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