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Google Discover : comment en tirer parti au mieux ?...Chaque jour, nous pensons à vous !

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Informer, Diffuser vos Communiqués. Sensibiliser, partager, promouvoir..Projet collaboratif. FranceWeb vous inspire.. MySelTab. SocSav21,SRU-Electronics,MyNewsCenterNavigator. FranceWeb, 3 portails à decouvrir. Le monde vous va si bien.

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Un projet collaboratif

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I wrote an app for that

Your instant Connection to Local, Regional, National and World News 1 clic

Any Content, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Four aces in a winning strategy for media and entertainment enterprise

All global sources in one app!  Newspapers, Radio, Tv, in local, regional, national , international . A quick way to browse and read Global News.



Contact : Stefan Raducanu : +33 (0)1 39 65 50 34   +33 (0)6 85 36 20 75

Stefan Raducanu,

Founder of FranceWebAsso, draws on his own experience in advocating the win-win partnerships that can come from big and small companies working together.

It’s the new way of working that evertually every large company will embrace,’ says David Butler, Coca-Cola’s Vice President of Innovation, when speaking about collaboration between big and small businesses. In the past two years, giant corporations such as Coca-Cola, MetLife, General Electric, IBM, Mondelez International, Cisco and Tyco International have started taking cues from the start-up and venture capital world (Fortune, 2015). GE, for example, has enlisted 500 coaches to train executives to embrace concepts like risk taking and learning from failure. It seems that the saying ‘innovation belongs to the small and nimble’ no longer holds true in an economy where large and small businesses are combining forces to create a smarter ecosystem surrounded by fast and disrupted strategies.

Why large corporations should work with start-ups

• Start-ups take risks !

• Start-ups are focused on a specific market and create a disruptive technology to answer its needs

• Start-ups are agile and fast growing – they will try a new idea one day and abort the project for a better one the next

• They think outside the box.

Why entrepreneurs or those beginning the wild adventure of building a business, should work with large corporations

• Large corporations own stable resources – financial, human and technological

• Large corporations have built a name in a specific industry, thus working together brings start-ups credibility

• Large corporations know the market and can provide tips about your business

• Large corporations were once start-ups and appreciate being able to give advice on how to build success and avoid mistakes.

It’s a win-win situation when start-ups and large corporations work together. Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation, competition is tough and you are always seeking the next best thing. Listen to what both parties have to say and seize the opportunity to work with each other. 


Internal corporate communication has always been an issue for all types of companies. Who’s never heard a co-worker say : ‘I didn’t know I was supposed to do this for today. I didn’t get your email’ ?

Entering this space, start-ups have created some sharp technologies to fix communication issues 

Blue Jeans & Facebook – interactive experiences across the globe

One of the biggest success stories in recent years has been Facebook and its collaboration with Blue Jeans. Facebook was founded in 2004 and continues to expand rapidly across the globe, combining offices in over 26 different cities and 10,000 employees. Given the global nature of its operations, it has been challenging to get people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to collaborate efficiently. Blue Jeans Network is a cloud-based video conferencing service designed to make video meetings as easy, interoperable and affordable as audio meetings. With a cutting-edge solution like Blue Jeans, Facebook can continue to expand rapidly and not worry about its culture diluting over time, as now all employees can organise meetings with people in different locations.

Trello & GOV.UK – make things open, make them better

One of the stakes of the UK Government created a unique online homepage to share information regarding each service of the company. They used Trello, an online project management app known to be extremely flexible and agile in order to keep their users and internal employees updated about various services. They collected feedback on how to improve the user experience of their online homepage.



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Plus sûre, plus intelligente et plus agréable à conduire, la Corsa est aussi à l’aise en ville que sur route. Une citadine pleine de ressources!

SpaceX’s Starhopper rocket just went for its first test “hop”

The flight only lasted about 15 seconds—but it's the crucial first test for SpaceX's new spaceship.

The news: Last night, SpaceX conducted the first flight test of Starhopper, the nickname for the prototype of its Starship rocket, from a launch base in Boca Chica, Texas. The spacecraft, a squat vehicle that looks a bit like a water tower, flew about 60 feet up into the air, moved sideways, then landed upright back on the ground in a cloud of smoke. Musk tweeted that he expects tests of the vehicle to happen "20km up in a few months." 

Shoot for the stars: Starhopper is a prototype of the first stage of SpaceX’s planned Big Falcon Rocket. The company plans to use the reusable vehicle to send people to Mars and the moon in the next decade.

DeepMind is helping Waymo evolve better self-driving AI algorithms

A more efficient way to training neural nets could provide a crucial edge in the hyper-competitive world of automated driving—and elsewhere, reports Will Knight.

The news: Engineers at Waymo, owned by Alphabet, teamed up with researchers at DeepMind, another Alphabet division dedicated to AI, to find a more efficient process to train and fine-tune the company’s self-driving algorithms.

How: They used a technique called population-based training, previously developed by DeepMind for honing video-game algorithms inspired by biological evolution.

The benefit: Refining AI algorithms this way could give Waymo an edge, letting its self-driving cars retrain and recalibrate as they’re deployed in new locations. Read the full story here.


Have you purchased your ticket to EmTech MIT? 


MIT Technology Review’s editors will bring to life the most significant advances in AI, climate adaption, personalized medicine, data security, and more on stage. Don’t miss this intimate chance to hear from the experts, network with industry leaders, and meet our Innovators Under 35.

We’ve had private currencies like Libra before. It was chaos.

The top ten must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Apple is spending $1 billion to buy most of Intel’s 5G modem business

It’s a clear signal to Qualcomm that it has its own backup in the event of another dispute. (TR)

  + How baseless fears over 5G created a health scare. (The Guardian)

2 Palmer Luckey’s military startup will monitor US bases with AI

It will “detect, identify, classify, and track humans” approaching the perimeter. (TR)

3 Pakistan aims to send its first astronaut into space by 2022 <img class="CToWUd" style="margin: 0 0.2ex; vertical-align: middle; max-height: 24px;" src="https://mail.google.com/mail/e/1f680" alt="

   La startup et l'assureur ont travaillé ensemble pour créer Mon Asso Facile, une plateforme dédiée à la gestion et au développement des associations.

Google Discover : comment en tirer parti au mieux ?

Depuis fin 2018, Google a lancé Google Discover, une solution permettant de proposer des contenus personnalisés dans l'application Google et sur le site du moteur de recherche sur mobile, sans que l'internaute ne fasse une quelconque recherche. En d'autres termes, Google met de lui-même en avant du contenu. Comment cela fonctionne-t-il, et peut-on optimiser sa présence au sein de ce nouvel affichage ? C'est ce que nous allons détailler dans cet article..

Par Daniel Roch, consultant WordPress, Référencement et Webmarketing chez SeoMix (http://www.seomix.fr/).

Google Discover, c'est quoi  ?

Google Discover est une évolution de l'affichage de la page d'accueil de Google. Auparavant épuréé, elle affiche désormais des contenus susceptibles de vous intéresser, comme ici avec un article de jeux vidéo :

Le principe est simple : l'utilisateur connecté se voit proposer des contenus qui pourraient l'intéresser, non pas en fonction d'une recherche, mais selon son historique de recherche et les autres activités qu'il peut avoir eu sur les différents services de Google (Youtube, Maps, etc.).

Google Discover a été lancé en Septembre 2018, mais ce n'est que depuis quelques mois que l'on voit réellement son impact sur le trafic de certains sites : https://www.blog.google/products/search/introducing-googl....

Cet outil est en réalité une évolution d'un ancien produit de Google lancé en 2017 : Google Feed (https://www.blog.google/products/search/feed-your-need-kn...). Au-delà du nouveau nom, les changements par rapport à Google Feed sont multiples (source)  :

  • Plus de personnalisation ;
  • Des contenus qui peuvent être plus anciens (il n'y aurait plus uniquement des contenus d'actualité) ;
  • Des contenus qui s'adaptent à votre propre « expertise » sur un sujet donné ;
  • La gestion du multilingue ;
  • Les publicités.

Google Discover s'affiche sur l'application Google sur Android, sur certains modèles de téléphone (où il est directement intégré) ou encore sur le site du moteur de recherche lors d'une navigation mobile.

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