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Dec 5, 2016



The European Union's executive arm is recommending that some north European and Nordic countries be allowed to keep border controls in place for three more months.ProjectWebCitizens, ContentWorks, high-quality Web content.

Migrants wait before being registered at a processing centre in the makeshift migrant camp known as "the jungle" near Calais, northern France, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016. France began the mass evacuation Monday of the makeshift migrant camp known as "the jungle," a mammoth project to erase the humanitarian blight on its northern border, where thousands fleeing war or poverty have lived in squalor, most hoping to sneak into Britain. Matt Dunham


Portugal's victorious footbll team to receive top honour, “We took a joy to the people. The joy that will be there tomorrow when people show up for work – it’s the best. We are the best."

1agld1r.gifPortugal's victorious footbll team to receive top honour



rebelodesousaEach member of Portugal’s winning football team is to be awarded the Commander of the Order of Merit.

A delighted president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said, simply, "We are the best!'

The president made the announcement on RTP after Portugal beat France in an epic Euro 2016 final that saw Ronaldo stretchered off after succumbing to repeated French assaults. A goal from Éder in extra time had Portuguese celebrating victory across the world with just minutes to go before the final whistle.

Rebelo de Sousa commented, "I said we were the best in Europe and we are the best in Europe. We suffered a lot but we showed that we are strong, together we are able to endure anything. The predicament of Cristiano Ronaldo posed enormous difficulties, the enormous fatigue and the ability to change tactics, rethink and dominate the game. This is Portugal at its best.

“We took a joy to the people. The joy that will be there tomorrow when people show up for work – it’s the best. We are the best."

"I had decided that, whatever the outcome, I would decorate them with the order of merit. The award is going to be higher - it will be the Commander (of the Order of Merit) which is a level that has never been given."

"(Getting to) the final was already a big prize, but this victory is unique.”

Ronaldo : "L'un des moments les plus heureux de ma vie"

An seinem bittersten Abend feiert er seinen größten Triumph

Portugal zerstört Frankreichs Traum - Ronaldo im Glück

Portugal 1-0 France


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