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Green Business Directory, Feel free to explore the categories below to find green businesses around the world.

Green Business Directory

Welcome to the EcoFirms.org Green Business Directory. Feel free to explore the categories below to find green businesses around the world. To add YOUR company and products please click here.

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PoissyWebCitoyen et la francophonie, La francophonie désigne la communauté composée des personnes qui ont en commun l’usage de la langue française.

francophonie et Francophonie

La francophonie désigne la communauté composée des personnes qui ont en commun l’usage de la langue française. Avec un F majuscule, elle désigne la Francophonie institutionnelle, dont le principal acteur est l’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie.

Site de l'OIF : http://www.francophonie.org


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Resources Containing Lists of WWW Sites and other Sources Relevant to Sustainable Development

Resources Containing Lists of WWW Sites and other Sources Relevant to Sustainable Development

1.      Auxilliary lists for environmentalists and SD workers.

2.      Aviation, airports, encyclopedia Links, statistics. Reduce noise at airports, especially at nights

3.      Best environmental directories, selection of WWW lists of lists, by subject.

4.      Basel Convention, Hazardous waste, Basel, import, export, transit, encyclopedia.

5.      Brazil, rights, fauna, flora, biodiversity, birds, , nature conservation, children, women, indian, Human Rights, culture, philosophy, speleology (pt, en), encyclopedia. Numerous links and legal arguments for many subjects linked to nature conservation.

6.      Central Africa, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Congo Kinshasa, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Burundi, Rwanda,metadatabase. Databases and collections on Central Africa from the last century.

7.      Charity jobs, third sector jobs (UK) and international development jobs, voluntary work opportunities.

8.      Choike: A Portal on Southern Civil Societies, Searchable directory of NGOs from Africa, Asia and Latin America. News, campaings, features and information on social, economic and environmental issues.

9.      Community based indicators, United States

10.  Country profiles, UNEP, Country profiles, indicators, data, maps.

11.  Cyprus (gk, en), environmental protection on a local scale, campaigning, seminars and talks, publications, research.

12.  Data accessible on-line.for environmentalists and SD workers.

13.  Directory of development organizations, NGOs, development. 45000 contacts in 227 countries, 35000 WWW links of International Organizations, Governments, Private Sector Institutions, Development Agencies, Universities, Research and Training Institutes, NGOs/PDOs, Grantmakers, Banks, Microfinance Institutions and Development Consulting Firms.

14.  Directory of Human Rights Sites (es), peace, human rights, cooperation, development and environment, education, health, and social justice.

15.  Directory of Non-Governmental Organisations Active in Sustainable Development. Part1: Europe, 3900 European NGO. Book + CD-ROM. Contact: OECD, 2 rue André Pascal, F-75775 Paris. Extract for Belgian NGOs,

16.  Earthworks, database, career opportunities, environmental scientists, sd professionals, geotechnical/civil engineers, remediation specialists, soil scientists, hydrologists/hydrogeologists, archaeologists, ecologists, plant scientists, forestry/agricultural scientists, geographers, remote sensing/GIS staff, climate/atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, geoscientists and petroleum scientists/engineers in the academic, water, upstream oil and gas, civil and mining sectors, UK, Europe, North America, Pacific Rim, Africa.

17.  Ecologia.deeuropa.net Continentes de enlaces excelentes (es).

18.  Earthsummit, directory of links.

19.  Ecoclub, directory of ecotourism resources from around the world

20.  ECONET on sustainable development

21.  Ecotopie, encyclopédie sur les réalisations écologiques (Belgique-France), sustainable living (fr).

22.  EnviroDirectory, metadatabase on environmental lists of links.

23.  ELDIS: Electronic Development and Environment Information System, metadatabase.

24.  Forest conservation, all. Ecological Science Based Forest Conservation Advocacy

25.  GREENTIE Directory 8,500 international suppliers of technologies, services, research, data, and literature, pertinent to greenhouse gas mitigation

26.  Gender, Science and Technology Gateway, women's science and technology contributions to sustainable development

27.  Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators, searchable metadatabase.

28.  Habitat in developping countries, habitat, developping countries, thirld world

29.  Human development indicators, data. A portal to all available data par country. A very efficient tool for indicator building.

30.  Global change,metadatabase

31.  Information sources for sustainable development, comprehensive metadatabase.

32.  International Economic Development Resources

33.  International Institute for Sustainable Development, Information Center Database (IISD), sustainable development, metadatabase. The best!, Weekly Journal review, International institutes, NGOs, The UN, the Bank and ODA, Contact list for all organizations, Regional work, Sectoral work, Communications for SD, Information resources, ...

34.  International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), International Forest Policy

35.  International Research Development Centre - Asia Regional Office

36.  Internetwork for sustainability, news, information, opinion, searchable directory of links.

37.  icp-forests, Forest health, air pollution effects, UNECE.

38.  Millennium Eco-Communities on the Green Lane, Canada, resources, local community groups, making changes. Environmental issues, best practices, tools, tips and networking opportunities, community efforts about nature, pollution, and ecology.

39.  Minnesota resources and networking in Minnesota, USA.

40.  Natural resources, coastal and marine ecosystems; forests and grasslands; water resources and freshwater systems; agriculture and food; climate and atmosphere; population, health, and human well-being; economics and business; energy; biodiversity and protected areas; and environmental governance, countries, encyclopedia, data

41.  NextStep, resources and information related to sustainability.

42.  Openair-Market Net

43.  Pakistan Development GatewayPakistan, Sustainable Development Networking Programme.

44.  PANOS, actuality on developping countries

45.  Property worldwide, directory of properties for sale or for rent

46.  Rain forest, all. Rain forest portal

47.  Renew America's Environmental Success Index, renewable energy, sustainable living, programs, projects, success stories, USA.

48.  http://www.docrenewableenergy.info, renewable energy (en, sp, it)

49.  Répertoire des Organisations Non Gouvernementales actives dans le domaine du développement durable. Tome 1: Europe., 3900 ONG européennes. Livre, CD-ROM. Contact: OECD, 2 rue André Pascal, F-75775 Paris. Les ONGs belges sont sur internet,

50.  Roots, bibliographic database

51.  Small grains, small grains (wheat, ...) production, statistics, producers directory (USA)

52.  Small islands information network, information sources on small islands sustainability

53.  Solarch, Sustainable Living Education and Innovation Program, Australian High Schools, school visits, teaching materials, over $20,000 worth of prizes through annual AGL Sustainable Living Competition. Australia.

54.  Steady State Economics, link between economy and environment.

55.  Surf your watershed,Communities, watersheds (USA).

56.  SD Gateway, Calendar of Events, Electronic Mailing Lists (listservs), News Services, Library Collections.

57.  Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture architecture, building, ecology, materials, consultants, events

58.  Sustainable Architecture: Eco Design and Landscaping

59.  Sustainable Business Network, news, resources, insight, green economy

60.  Sustainable development best starting points, selection from this Virtual Library !

61.  Sustainable Development Indicators initiatives

62.  Sustainable Development Internet Resources,

63.  Sustainable forestry.

64.  Sustainable mobility information system (SMIS), mobility, transport, environment, Belgium

65.  Sustainable development reports, data. A portal to all available sustainable development reports by companies. Environmental reports are also recorded.

66.  Sustainable Products Description

67.  Sustainable resources database (North America), metadatabase

68.  Web sites on Contribution of Telecommunication on Sustainable Development, communication, telework, telecommunication

69.  Tobacco (fr), encyclopedia (for and against tobacco).

70.  Tobacco, encyclopedia including "secret" documents by industry.

71.  Universite Europeenne de l'Environnement, fr

72.  World Directory of Environmental Organisations, 360,000 words, international, country, and subject sections

73.  World Wide Web Ressources in Economics

74.  Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development, international environmental treaties, IGOs and international NGOs, country profiles.

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