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Join 50 Librarians as They Tackle SXSW Interactive
Posted On April 7, 2015
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“This is the biggest group we’ve had yet,” someone remarked as they gathered to pose for a picture. The “group” is lib*interactive, formerly sxswLAM (libraries, archives, and museums), and they were at the MugShots bar in Austin, Texas, at the first LAM meetup of the SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive Festival(March 13–17, 2015). LAM representatives are a growing presence at the technology-focused conference for two main reasons: Interactive exposes the LAM fields to new and emerging tech trends, and it’s a great place to advocate on behalf of LAM institutions. lib*interactive gives attendees a way to connect with other LAM representatives and engage in concerted efforts to spread the word about all of the new ways LAM spaces are engaging with technology. 

“I spend a lot of time talking with folks [at Interactive] and enlightening them about what libraries do or talking about what some of our issues are, and inevitably, I’m always surprised at how people say, ‘I didn’t know libraries do that, that’s fantastic.’ And then when I talk about some of our issues, you get a lot of creative folks [talking] to you about how they would go about solving problems. And it’s generally a different perspective than I’m exposed to on a day-to-day basis,” says Oli Sanidas, director of digital and library material services at Arapahoe Library District in Colorado. The conference “takes us out of our normal neighborhood, and we explore new neighborhoods. … Libraries are about ideas, and this is a convention of ideas. It’s sort of this perfect marriage.”

Festivities Outside the Conference

The lib*interactive group members are just as welcoming as you’d expect them to be. They go to the LAM-related sessions to support each other, attend meetups, and even have their own home base—a rented two-story residence (with guesthouse) called the ER&L + ProQuest + DLF #IdeaDrop House, which celebrated its third anniversary in 2015. At the #IdeaDrop House breakfast the day after the EveryLibrary-sponsored MugShots meetup of about 50 group members, Carson Block (president at Carson Block Consulting, Inc.) emceed as the 20-some participants introduced themselves and spoke about the goals they hoped to accomplish at Interactive. For the rest of the conference, the group hosted speakers in the living room; the conversations were livestreamed on Ustream and archived on Vimeo.

The creators of the #IdeaDrop House, sisters Sandy and Bonnie Tijerina, have worked in the LAM space for years coordinating the Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) conference together, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Bonnie first attended Interactive in 2012. “I went because I’m interested in technology and what’s new … and as I went to sessions, I kept thinking to myself either ‘librarians need to hear this,’ or ‘librarians should be in the room,’ or ‘they should be in on this panel.’ These are topics we think about and we care about,” she says. “It’s such an interesting, eclectic group of people all coming together around how we use technology and what’s the future of technology.” After she left, she knew she needed to figure out a way to bring the conference’s conversations to people who either hadn’t heard much about the conference before or who couldn’t afford the trip (and the registration fee).

Idea Drop House

She decided that the best solution was to rent a house for the 2013 Interactive conference and see how much interest she could drum up. “I was thinking people who are attending Interactive will kind of come back to the house, and bring their ideas, drop them there for us to talk about, and just kind of pull together all these ideas that we learn while we’re there, and be able to share them more broadly with the library community,” she says. ProQuest, ER&L, and the DLF (Digital Library Federation) signed on to subsidize the cost, and the DLF offered to livestream the conversations occurring at the house by setting up a miniature studio in the living room. Bonnie started emailing presenters she found on the schedule for the next year’s Interactive to invite them to the house—“anyone from big-name featured speakers to individual activists who were doing things that I thought whether directly or tangentially would be of interest to the library community, or at the very least, of interest to me.” To her surprise, almost all of the speakers she emailed said they’d love to talk to librarians.

One of the first speakers was Henry Jenkins, who presented at the conference to an audience of more than a thousand people and then came to the #IdeaDrop House to hang out with a group of about 15 LAM attendees, says Bonnie. The house has hosted individuals and groups who talked about topics such as privacy, how libraries help the LGBT community, and Big Data. “We hit such a variety of topics the first couple of years. … It kind of comes together last minute. … It’s so loose—it’s such a loose conference, people kind of come and go and do a variety of things while they’re there; either attending sessions or going to parties, just being stopped on the road and talking to random people,” Bonnie notes. She attributes the speakers’ interest in coming to the house to the fact that, in general, people like libraries. “I was surprised the first year [at the nonlibrarians’ interest], but over time, I realized that people want libraries to help some of the emerging problems that are happening on the web,” she says, such as data collection and privacy.

“I know that people have used the [Vimeo] videos to kind of help create a justification for their institution funding them to come. I think it’s a hard thing to get your institution to fund something like Interactive because it’s not a library conference, not directly related, so it can be a little challenging. … What the house is doing is showing how the topics are related to libraries in some way. So hopefully that has helped people,” she says.

Sandy notes that the videos have accumulated more than 9,000 views in the past 2 years thanks to support from the American Library Association (ALA) and the DLF. “It’s nice to know that people have been able to partake from wherever they are,” Sandy says.

About six LAM attendees shared the house this year, and this location (which they’ve now used for 2 years) is about a mile from the convention center—a relatively easy walk and an even easier bike ride. Block says the conference doesn’t offer people time to sit and reflect on what they’re learning or to check in with others in the same field, so having a space like the #IdeaDrop House gives the LAM “tribe” a place to catch its breath.

What LAM Representatives Can Learn

Sanidas says going to Interactive contributed to his idea to start a “beta tech” program for his library. Throughout many years of attending the conference, he had seen demos of technologies that weren’t publicly available. So he purchased Google Glass, Oculus Rift (which is available during guided events), 3D printers, and other devices for the library that patrons wouldn’t be able to get exposure to on their own. “I don’t always get to see the face-to-face interactions of this tech. On occasion, I get to see it, and when I do, the patrons are just blown away by what we offer. … That’s pretty rewarding,” he says. His library will soon open its first dedicated makerspace. 

Block makes Interactive a family affair, with his wife and daughter in attendance this year (his daughter was tapped by The Denver Post to take the photos for an article on lib*interactive). He first attended 4 years ago on the advice of a friend who suggested it would help him keep up with emerging technologies, and he says the experience changed his life. The next year, he led a presentation, The Great Library Swindle: Your Rights Are at Risk, which aimed to show the technology community what kinds of issues librarians faced. (TIME’s Harry McCracken wrote about his session, thus elevating the profile of librarians at Interactive, and Block presentedabout sxswLAM at Internet Librarian 2014.)

Block got to know other librarians who were attending the conference and now helps coordinate lib*interactive at the event along with volunteers who, among other tasks, spend hours working on communication and branding (Stacie Ledden, Anythink Libraries), recruiting volunteers for before and during the conference (Mel Gooch, San Francisco Public Library, and Sharon McKellar, Oakland Public Library), fundraising (John Chrastka, EveryLibrary), and coordinating local activities during the conference (Andrea Davis, St. Gallen University).

Part of the reason Block loves Interactive is that it gets librarians to look at what other industries do with technology, “and especially how tied they are to their institutional goals and how they make use of technology components to make that happen,” he says.

Ledden, director of innovations and brand strategy for Anythink Libraries (the public library system of Adams County, Colo.), has been going to Interactive for the past 3 years. One of her favorite parts of the conference is her ability to talk to attendees and get libraries “on their radar, because there are so many benefits to partnering with libraries.”

This year, Ledden brought her entire innovations department to the conference because she feels it’s the best place to learn about marketing. “It was fun looking at all these different ideas and seeing how we could shape them for our own spaces, for our own programs, so going in with open eyes and an open mind to that is really helpful,” she says.

Speaking Out About the LAM Space

Ledden presented for the first time at this year’s conference. At her well-attended session, Anythink: The Brand That Sparked a Revolution, she spoke about her library’s experience with rebranding itself.

Adams County had the worst-funded library system in Colorado for more than 50 years. Prior to separating from the county in 2004, “our libraries were in really bad shape and, really, people didn’t know who we were,” Ledden says. The system was approved to become a special taxing district, which meant it could seek funding separately from the county’s offerings and operate autonomously. It also had to change its name, so it settled on Rangeview Library District. After struggling to be approved for funding and almost having to close down one of its libraries, voters finally agreed to an increase in its operating budget.

“So at that time, we came into this funding, and that was when our board said we cannot just build libraries for today, and we can’t just build libraries. Let’s be thinking about the future so we’re never really in this same position again. So we had this unique opportunity to start from the ground up and think about what kind of library we wanted to become,” says Ledden.

About 5 years ago, Rangeview became Anythink Libraries, which is dedicated to creating “amazing experiences” for its customers. Staffers took hospitality training, and they were encouraged to rove around the library, greet customers, and offer help. Physical spaces went through changes too; three libraries were renovated and four were built from the ground up. Anythink got rid of circulation desks, and its books and other media are arranged by “neighborhood” instead of in long rows of shelving. “We actually group them in little neighborhoods and create little nooks throughout the space for people to read and explore,” she says, and customers have responded favorably.

Anythink's Mission Statement

Slide from Ledden's presentation showing Anythink's employee mission statement

The library doesn’t charge overdue fines, and it was the first system in the country to stop using the Dewey Decimal System across all of its branches. Instead, it uses WordThink, a system that categorizes by the words on books’ labels instead of by numbers. Ledden says it’s empowering for customers because they don’t have to decode numbers; if they’re looking for a cookbook, they can go to the Cooking section and find the label for Cooking, International Cooking, Italian.

“So we did a lot of these changes really quickly, and because we were changing our service philosophy and our approach to libraries so drastically, we really needed a brand that helped represent that, and that’s how we ended up as Anythink,” Ledden says. “We felt like, as libraries, our competition are places like Starbucks and Google and Amazon and Barnes & Noble, so if that is our competition, then we need a challenger brand that could help us be noticed within sort of those other brand messages that you see out there from day to day.”

When Ledden started working at the library system in 2008, about 17% of Adams County residents were cardholders. Now, cardholders are about 44% of the population. She says it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason usage increased, but people have “taken ownership of the library itself and the Anythink brand.”

With a success story like that, it makes sense to share it not only with other libraries, but also with other industries that are seeking new approaches to marketing. After all, Anythink is always looking outside the library field for inspiration.

“[W]e look at what people are doing in retail, what they’re doing in marketing, what they’re doing in hospitality, and thinking about the ways that they’re innovating and sort of pulling those ideas back into the library. Sometimes our industry can be very inward-looking, and so we want to look outward and say, OK, what’s happening elsewhere, and all of this is, so we can 1) make sure that we are meeting the needs of our communities and 2) that we’re staying relevant,” she says.

Having conversations about the future of libraries and emerging technologies at library conferences is great, she says. “But to go to the source, where these things are being built and discussed, is incredibly beneficial to us—we can learn, we can build partnerships with folks down there, and then bring ideas and bring technology back to our libraries and back to our communities.”

Follow @lib_interactive on Twitter and use #liblove. For more information on sessions from this year’s conference that could benefit the LAM space, see “What Librarians Can Learn From SXSW” in the May 2015 issue of Information Today

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Brandi Scardilli is the editor of NewsBreaks and managing editor of Information Today.

Email Brandi Scardilli

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6/20/2013 — Co-Sponsor a Congressional Bill and Track Its Progress in Today's ITI NewsLink
6/17/2013 — Apple Ebook Price-Fixing Trial Underway in Today's ITI NewsLink
6/10/2013 — Europe Struggles With Licensing Text and Data Mining in Today's ITI NewsLink
6/6/2013 — Collaborate.org Generates Geospatial Data for the Masses in Today's ITI NewsLink
6/3/2013 — The New and Improved EBSCO Information Services in Today's ITI NewsLink
5/30/2013 — First UK Survey of Academics 2012 Issued by Ithaka S+R in Today's ITI NewsLink
5/23/2013 — Dialogue Over Public Access to Scholarly Publications in Today's ITI NewsLink
5/20/2013 — Skip Prichard Named OCLC President and CEO in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/16/2013 — Obama Administration Advances Open Data Policy in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/13/2013 — Cochrane’s New Look in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/9/2013 — Amazon Announces New Accessibility Features for Kindle App in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/6/2013 — Launch of a New Open Access Discovery Tool in Today's ITI NewsLink
5/2/2013 — Useful Browser Extensions in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/29/2013 — Survey on Faculty Use of Scholarly Resources in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/25/2013 — Simon & Schuster Tests Moving Ebooks Into Libraries in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/22/2013 — Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Makes Its Debut in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/18/2013 — Elsevier Acquires Mendeley in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/15/2013 — The Wild West of MOOCs in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/11/2013 — Amazon Buys Goodreads in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/9/2013 — AP Wins Major Court Victory Against Meltwater in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/4/2013 — Performance Reporting 2.0 Using Socrata’s GovStat
4/1/2013 — Report on State of the News Media in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/28/2013 — Sunshine Week and Transparency in Government in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/25/2013 — 'Total Victory' for the First Sale Doctrine in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/21/2013 — SAGE Strikes Gold with New Textbook/Ebook in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/18/2013 — ProQuest Takes Over Library Marketing for NewspaperARCHIVE.com in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/14/2013 — Copyright Alert System for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing in Today's ITI NewsLink
3/11/2013 — Gale to Digitize Smithsonian Archives in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/7/2013 — Library Publishing Coalition in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/4/2013 — Etextbook Update in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/28/2013 — Big Data, Open Government, and Sunlight in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/25/2013 — Opening Access to Publicly Funded Research in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/21/2013 — Results of Independent Study of GPO in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/14/2013 — Amazon Patents Electronic Marketplace For 'Used' Digital Content in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/11/2013 — Introducing the Open Library of Humanities in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/7/2013 — Digitizing Special Collections in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/4/2013 — A Cyber War is Brewing in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/31/2013 — ProQuest Acquires Ebook Library (EBL) in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/28/2013 — Springer Book Archives in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/24/2013 — New STN Search Platform in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/17/2013 — Ebook Trends 2013, Part 2 in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/14/2013 — Google Reaches Settlements With FTC in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/10/2013 — Elsevier Acquires Knovel Corp. in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/7/2013 — eLife, a New Scholarly Communication System in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/3/2013 — Review of 2012 and Trends Watch 2013 in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/20/2012 — Chemistry Files on Dialog in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/17/2012 — New Publisher for Statistical Abstract in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/13/2012 — Dow Jones Moving to MarkLogic Platform in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/10/2012 — Wolters Kluwer’s New Daily Legal Publications in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/6/2012 — 'Window’ to Open For Terminating Copyright Transfer Agreements in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/3/2012 — The Fight for a Free and Open Internet in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/29/2012 — Wiley Enriches TED Studies in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/26/2012 — New Information Services for Alumni in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/19/2012 — Springer Gets Reference Manager Papers in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/15/2012 — Berlin 10 Open Access Conference Recap in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/12/2012 — Smarter Searching With Summon Suggestions in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/8/2012 — Random House and Penguin to Merge in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/5/2012 — Transformational Power of Internet Librarians in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/1/2012 — Update on Digital Public Library of America in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/29/2012 — Thomson Reuters’ Data Citation Index in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/25/2012 — Copyright Clearance Center Debuts Open Access Solutions in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/22/2012 — Google, Apple Expand Micropayment Systems in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/18/2012 — The Science Behind Predicting the Nobel Prize Winners in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/15/2012 — HathiTrust Lawsuit Decision in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/11/2012 — Details About Google’s Settlement With Publishers in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/8/2012 — Apple iPhone 5 and New iTunes in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/4/2012 — Quartz Business News Makes Its Debut in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/1/2012 — Research and Data on Campaign 2012 in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/27/2012 — Congress.gov Beta Launch in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/24/2012 — Three Publishers Settle in Apple Pricing Collusion Case in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/20/2012 — The Future of Federal Survey Data in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/17/2012 — Literary Scholarship and More from Oxford in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/13/2012 — mHealth Applications and Regulatory Compliance in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/10/2012 — Amazon Fires Up the Tablet and Ebook Markets in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/6/2012 — Apple-Samsung Case Highlights America’s Troubled Patent System in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/30/2012 — The Changing Face of Higher Education in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/27/2012 — Georgia State Declared the ‘Prevailing Party’ in Copyright Battle in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/23/2012 — Internet Archive Turns Up the Speed With BitTorrent in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/20/2012 — ProQuest Graduate Education Program in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/16/2012 — OCLC Recommends ODC-BY for WorldCat Data in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/13/2012 — Mendeley Institutional Edition in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/9/2012 — New Release of Lexis Advance Platform in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/6/2012 — Cybersecurity and Privacy Concerns in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/2/2012 — Expand Your Search Engine Options in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/30/2012 — DOJ Responds to Ebook Lawsuit Objections in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/26/2012 — Springer for Research & Development in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/23/2012 — IET to Launch New Digital Library in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/19/2012 — Gale Gives More Insights Into Business in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/16/2012 — Project Gutenberg Launches Repository for Self-Published Works in Today's NewsLink
7/12/2012 — Finch Report Reignites OA Storm in Today's ITI NewsLink
7/9/2012 — Challenging Times for Library Ebook Lending in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/28/2012 — New European Library Portal Launched in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/25/2012 — PeerJ Launches With New OA Business Model in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/21/2012 — Possible New Internet Top-Level Domains Released in Today's ITI NewsLink
6/18/2012 — OpenMetadata.org Community Site Launched in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/14/2012 — Federal Statistical Programs in Jeopardy in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/11/2012 — Libraries Draw the Short Stick at BEA in Today’s NewsLink Spotlight
6/7/2012 — ‘New Bing’ Searches With Facebook in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/4/2012 — Worldreader Aims for ‘Books for All’ in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/31/2012 — Digital Government Initiative in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/24/2012 — Google Unveils Knowledge Graph in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/21/2012 — Budget Cuts to Census Bureau Programs in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/17/2012 — Georgia State University Copyright Decision in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/14/2012 — U.K. Government Commits to Principles of Open Access in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/10/2012 — Barnes & Noble and Microsoft Form ‘Newco’ in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/7/2012 — ProQuest Launches End-User Service Udini in Today's ITI NewsLink
5/3/2012 — Online Consumer Privacy in the Spotlight in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/30/2012 — LexisNexis Digital Library in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/26/2012 — Making Sense of Business Intelligence With FirstTweets in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/23/2012 — CRS Report on Federal Depository Library Program in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/19/2012 — World Bank’s Open Access Initiative in Today’s ITI Newslink
4/16/2012 — Yahoo! Reorg Doesn’t Address Company Problems in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/12/2012 — Ebooks Shake Up the World of Reading in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/9/2012 — Big Data Triggers Big Waves in Today's ITI NewsLink
4/5/2012 — Northern Light Introduces Discovery Portals in Today's ITI NewsLink
4/2/2012 — Host of New Services Redefine Ebook Market in Today's ITI NewsLink
3/29/2012 — The Rescue of the Statistical Abstract of the United States in Today's NewsLink
3/26/2012 — Report on SPARC Open Access Meeting in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/22/2012 — Encyclopaedia Britannica Ends Print Edition in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/19/2012 — NoveList Launches LibraryAware in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/15/2012 — Gale’s DemographicsNow: Business & People in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/12/2012 — OverDrive Acquires Ebook Company Booki.sh
3/8/2012 — Amazon’s Squeeze on Booksellers in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/5/2012 — Free Viewshare Service for Digital Collections in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/1/2012 — Political Fact-Check Websites in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/27/2012 — OCLC Website for Small Libraries Project in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/23/2012 — Netvibes Acquired by Dassault Systèmes in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/16/2012 — Spotlight on Etextbooks in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/13/2012 — Researchers Boycott Elsevier in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/9/2012 — IDPF Approves Indexes Working Group in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/6/2012 — Goodreads Dumps Amazon’s Metadata in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/2/2012 — Update on ProQuest in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/30/2012 — New Crowdfunding Initiative to ‘Unglue’ Ebooks in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/26/2012 — Apple Announces Efforts to ‘Reinvent’ Textbooks in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/23/2012 — Elsevier Acquires Quosa in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/19/2012 — USGS Shutters NBII in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/17/2012 — Controversial Research Works Act in Today's ITI NewsLink
1/12/2012 — NewsRight to License News Content in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/9/2012 — New IMLS Strategic Plan in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/5/2012 — Year-End Review and Trends Watch in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/19/2011 — Class Action Filed in Google Books Case in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/15/2011 — Lexis Advance, a New Age in Legal Research in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/12/2011 — QScience Connect Redefines Scholarly Journals in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/8/2011 — WebLib’s Semantic Search NLMplus in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/5/2011 — New OCLC WorldShare Platform in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/1/2011 — Hot Times for Tablet News Readers in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/28/2011 — Controversy Surrounds Stop Online Piracy Act in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/21/2011 — OpenText Tempo in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/17/2011 — NISO Launches Open Discovery Initiative in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/14/2011 — Thomson Reuters Cortellis for Competitive Intelligence in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/10/2011 — Google Delivers GoMo in Today's NewsLink
11/7/2011 — MarkLogic Jumps on the Big Data Train in Today's NewsLink
11/3/2011 — EPUB 3 Poised to Unleash Econtent Revolution in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/31/2011 — Attivio Advances Unified Information Access in Today's NewsLink
10/27/2011 — Credo Reference Tests literati to Enhance Library Information Literacy in Today's NewsLink
10/24/2011 — Report on Internet Librarian 2011 in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/20/2011 — Joint Venture to Create Federal Science Agency Repositories in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/17/2011 — Fighting for Fair Ebook Access in Libraries in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/13/2011 — Springer Expands Digitized Book Archive in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/10/2011 — Ebook Systems From University Presses in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/6/2011 — Princeton University Faculty Commit to Open Access in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/3/2011 — Mine the Web Like a Journalist in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/29/2011 — Kindle Library Ebook Lending and New Kindle Family in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/26/2011 — End User Survey of Federal Depository Libraries in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/22/2011 — Authors Sue Libraries in Face Off on Copyright Issues in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/19/2011 — The British Library Changes Licensing for Doc Delivery in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/15/2011 — Congress Enacts Patent Reform Legislation in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/12/2011 — Orphan Works Project to Scan Library Books in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/8/2011 — Bloomberg to Acquire BNA in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/1/2011 — Upstart Legal Services Gain Traction in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/29/2011 — R.R. Donnelley Acquires LibreDigital in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/25/2011 — GPO Disapproves of Report on Federal Depository Libraries in Today's ITI NewsLink
8/22/2011 — Books & Media Move to the Clouds in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/18/2011 — Project Muse Beta Tests New Integrated Platform in Today’s ITI Newslink
8/15/2011 — Mendeley 1.0 Research and Collaboration Software in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/11/2011 — Collaborative Searching and Innovation in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/8/2011 — Collaborative Searching With SearchTeam in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/4/2011 — Google Scholar Citations in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/1/2011 — Inmagic’s IdeaNet for Collaborative Innovation in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/28/2011 — The End of an Era for Google Labs in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/25/2011 — New ProQuest CEO in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/21/2011 — Thomson Upgrades IP Portfolio Management Software in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/18/2011 — Google’s Push Into the E-Reader Arena in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/14/2011 — Business Web Monitoring With FirstRain in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/11/2011 — New Domain Name Rules in Today’s ITI NewsLink
7/7/2011 — Ebook Developments at ALA in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/30/2011 — Cengage Acquires National Geographic School Publisher in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/27/2011 — EPA National Library Network Strategic Plan in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/23/2011 — Dow Jones Knowledge Professionals Alliance in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/20/2011 — State-Based Research From RAND in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/16/2011 — Digital Public Library of America in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/13/2011 — Endeca Latitude 2 in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/9/2011 — EBSCO Acquires H.W. Wilson in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/6/2011 — Targeting HathiTrust Orphan Works in Today’s ITI NewsLink
6/2/2011 — Sources for Free Ebooks in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/26/2011 — Healthy Information With OvidMD in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/23/2011 — McGraw-Hill eBook Library in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/19/2011 — Outsell’s Smartpen Landscape Report in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/16/2011 — U.S. GPO at a Crossroads in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/12/2011 — Bookish Joint Venture Announced in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/9/2011 — Senate Hearing on Protecting Mobile Privacy in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/5/2011 — SciPlanner Added to CAS Suite in Today’s ITI NewsLink
5/2/2011 — Book Recommendation Services in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/28/2011 — Kindle Library Lending in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/25/2011 — InnoCentive’s Open Innovation in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/21/2011 — Online Privacy Legislation Introduced in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/18/2011 — Enhancements Coming to Factiva in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/14/2011 — CQ’s New First Street Service in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/11/2011 — Government Data Projects in Budgetary Peril in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/7/2011 — HathiTrust Discovers Summon in Today’s ITI NewsLink
4/4/2011 — Library Ebook Lending Under Attack in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/31/2011 — Google Book Settlement Rejected in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/28/2011 — Census Bureau to Eliminate Statistical Pubs in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/24/2011 — New FOIA.gov Website in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/21/2011 — LinkedIn Today in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/17/2011 — New SaferProducts.gov Database in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/14/2011 — Cengage Learning Announces MindTap in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/10/2011 — Upheaval at the National Archives in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/7/2011 — New Lending Model for Ebooks in Today’s ITI NewsLink
3/3/2011 — Search Quality and Content Farms in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/28/2011 — The Ebook Platform War in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/24/2011 — Bankrupt Borders Closing Bookstores in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/22/2011 — Greplin Searches the 'Personal Cloud' in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/17/2011 — Watson Defeats Humans in Jeopardy Battle in Today’s ITI NewsLink
2/14/2011 — The Huffington Post and eBookFling in Today's ITI NewsLink
2/10/2011 — CLOCKSS to Archive Springer's Ebooks in Today's ITI NewsLink
2/7/2011 — RSuite Cloud's Push-Button Publishing in Today's ITI Newslink
2/3/2011 — Update on Gale in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/31/2011 — New Version of the Wayback Machine in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/27/2011 — OpenGovernment.org Beta in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/24/2011 — Europeana Publishes Strategic Plan in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/20/2011 — Alexander Street Press Expands Streaming Video Products in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/18/2011 — Library Automation News at ALA Midwinter in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/13/2011 — ProQuest Acquires ebrary in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/10/2011 — A Revolution in Digital Publishing in Today’s ITI NewsLink
1/6/2011 — Year-End Wrap-Up and Trends Watch in Today's ITI NewsLink
12/23/2010 — WikiLeaks as Critical Catalyst in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/20/2010 — Explore U.S. Government Datasets in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/16/2010 — Google eBookstore in Today's ITI NewsLink
12/13/2010 — NARA and NTIS Digital Preservation Agreement in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/9/2010 — Reactions to 'Do Not Track' Proposal in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/6/2010 — ProQuest Acquires CIS and UPA From LexisNexis in Today’s ITI NewsLink
12/2/2010 — Net Neutrality, Web Archiving, and More in Today's ITI NewsLink
11/29/2010 — Yahoo! Clues In Today's ITI Newslink
11/22/2010 — Check Out the New RockMelt Browser in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/18/2010 — New Image Search from Elsevier's SciVerse ScienceDirect in Today's NewsLink
11/15/2010 — Real-time Monitoring of State Legislative Action in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/11/2010 — Blekko Invites You to Slash the Web in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/8/2010 — GAO Update on the EPA Library Network in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/4/2010 — New Federated Search Service, GPO MetaLib, in Today’s ITI NewsLink
11/1/2010 — E-Reading in a Browser in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/28/2010 — Mozaic and Other New Digital Publishing Services in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/25/2010 — Book Citation Index Coming in 2011 in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/21/2010 — Bloomberg Government in the Works in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/18/2010 — Creative Commons' New Public Domain Mark in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/14/2010 — Search and Business Intelligence in Today's NewsLink
10/12/2010 — 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act in Today's ITI NewsLink
10/7/2010 — B2BBuzz to Develop Best Practices in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/4/2010 — Dashboards as Intelligent Workspaces in Today’s ITI NewsLink
10/1/2010 — Discovering the OECD iLibrary in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/27/2010 — Press+ From Journalism Online in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/23/2010 — WIPO’s Public-Private Patent Initiative in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/20/2010 — SAGE Trials SciVee Video Platform in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/16/2010 — Interactive Searching with Google Instant in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/13/2010 — Multisearch of Drug Pipeline Data in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/9/2010 — SciVerse—New Search and Discovery Tool in Today’s ITI NewsLink
9/2/2010 — Social Network for Science Education in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/30/2010 — Social Knowledge Networks from Inmagic Presto in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/26/2010 — New Platforms From ProQuest in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/23/2010 — Free Public Access to Primary Government Legal Materials in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/19/2010 — Search Relevance, Enriched Content, Biking Trails - All in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/16/2010 — Net Neutrality Revisited in Google-Verizon Proposal in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/12/2010 — New Wiley Online Library Platform Launch in Today's ITI NewsLink
8/9/2010 — New Question Services Cash in on Mass Ignorance in Today’s ITI NewsLink
8/5/2010 — Free Open Source Publishing Tool and Digital Copyright Exemptions in Today's ITI NewsLink
8/2/2010 — SkyRiver's Antitrust Suit Against OCLC in Today's ITI NewsLink
7/29/2010 — RackSpace OpenStack Opens the Cloud in Today's ITI NewsLink

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