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America 1956 vs. America 2016, United States an “exceptional” nation? Well, the facts show that we are, but not for the reasons that you may think.

America  36 Facts That Prove That The United States Is An ‘Exceptional’ Nation

By Michael Snyder, on October 13th, 2015

America 1956, 2016.jpg

American Flag - Proud To Be An American - Public DomainIs the United States an “exceptional” nation?  Well, the facts show that we are, but not for the reasons that you may think.  Now that it is election season, we have all sorts of politicians running around proclaiming that America is the greatest nation on the entire planet.  And just this week, Warren Buffett stated that “America’s great now — it’s never been greater“.  But is it actually true?  Is the United States still a great nation?  I would submit that the numbers suggest otherwise.  I love America, and in my opinion there is not much hope for us until we are willing to admit to ourselves just how far we have fallen.  The following are 36 facts that prove that the United States is an “exceptional” nation…

#1 According to a brand new report that was just released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States has the fattest population in the entire industrialized world by a wide margin.

#2 That same report from the OECD also found that we are number one in child obesity.  In fact, at 38 percent our rate of childhood obesity is even higher than our overall rate of obesity.

#3 According to USA Today, the obesity rate in the United States has more than doubled over the past 25 years.

#4 The Washington Post has reported that Americans spend an average of 293 minutes a day watching television, which is the most in the world by a wide margin.   And as I have discussed previously, more than 90 percent of the “programming” that we absorb is created by just 6 enormously powerful media corporations.

#5 One study found that the average American spends more than 10 hours a day using some sort of electronic device.

#6 By the time an American child reaches the age of 18, that child will have seen approximately 40,000 murders on television.

#7 The average young American will spend 10,000 hours playing video games before the age of 21.

#8 Out of 22 countries studied by the Educational Testing Service, Americans were dead last in tech proficiency, dead last in numeracy and only two countries performed worse than us when it came to literacy proficiency.

#9 In more than half of all U.S. states, the highest paid public employee in the state is a football coach.

#10 The percentage of wealth owned by middle class adults is lower in North America than it is anywhere else in the world.

#11 Almost half of all Americans (47 percent) do not put a single penny out of their paychecks into savings.

#12 It turns out that Americans are very good at locking people away in prison.  At 716 per 100,000 members of the population, the United States has the highest incarceration rate on the entire planet by a very wide margin.

#13 Approximately one-fourth of the entire global prison population is in the United States.

#14 In 2014, police in the United States killed 1,100 people.  During that same year, police in Canada killed 14 people, police in China killed 12 people and police in Germany didn’t kill anyone at all.

#15 One recently published study found that one out of every six young Americans has stolen something during the past year.

#16 There are more car thefts in the United States than anywhere else in the world by far.

#17 According to Fox News, approximately 70 percent of married men in the United States admit to having cheated on their wives.

#18 Americans spend far more on health care than anyone else in the world, and yet we only rank 26th in life expectancy and our entire health care system has been transformed into a giant money making scam.

#19 According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, nearly 70 percent of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and an astounding 20 percent of all Americans are on at least five prescription drugs.

#20 According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 31 percent of all food in the United States gets wasted.  In case you were wondering, that amounts to approximately 133 billion pounds of food a year.

#21 In 2013, women earned 60 percent of all bachelor’s degrees that were awarded that year in the United States.

#22 A survey conducted by the Barna Group discovered that 77 percent of Christian men in America in the 18 to 30-year-old age bracket view pornography at least monthly.

#23 There are more than 4 million adult websites on the Internet, and they get more traffic than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

#24 70 percent of Americans do not “feel engaged or inspired at their jobs”.

#25 When LBJ’s “War on Poverty” began, less than 10 percent of all U.S. children were growing up in single parent households.  Today, that number has skyrocketed to 33 percent.

#26 In 1950, less than 5 percent of all babies in America were born to unmarried parents.  Today, that number is over 40 percent.

#27 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 20 million new cases of sexually-transmitted disease in the United States each year.

#28 Today, the United States has the highest STD infection rate in the entire industrialized world.

#29 According to a survey that was just released within the last 30 days, only 29 percent of Americans want to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood even after all of the shocking undercover videos that were released this year.

#30 America has the highest rate of illegal drug use on the entire planet.

#31 Doctors in the United States write more than 250 million prescriptions for antidepressants each year.

#32 One survey of 50-year-old men in the U.S. found that only 12 percent of them said that they were “very happy”.

#33 Every single year, the United States has the largest trade deficit in the entire world by a very wide margin.  But most Americans still don’t seem concerned that thousands of businesses and millions of good jobs have been leaving our country.

#34 As you read this article, there are 102.6 million working age Americans that do not have a job.

#35 We are supposed to have a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”, but only 25 percent of all Americans know how long U.S. Senators are elected for (6 years), and only 20 percent of all Americans know how many U.S. senators there are in total.

#36 On average, we have been stealing more than 100 million dollars from future generations of Americans every single hour of every single day since Barack Obama entered the White House.



Illegal Immigration Nightmare: Obama Has Been Releasing 1000s Of Convicted Criminals Back Into Our Communities

Obama LaughingWhy has Barack Obama been releasing thousands of illegal immigrants that have been convicted of crimes back on to the streets of our cities?  According to U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, more than 36,000 were released from custody in Fiscal Year 2013 alone.  These individuals were actually convicted of committing crimes, and many of them went on to commit new crimes once they were released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  In fact, Senator Grassley says that 121 of the criminals that were released during Fiscal Year 2013 were subsequently charged with committing murder.  That means that more than 100 American citizens are now dead because of Obama’s foolish policies.  Why is Obama doing this?  He knows that one out of every five illegal immigrants has a criminal record, and he knows that many of these convicted criminals that he is releasing will go on to commit new crimes.  What possible justification could Obama have for doing this to our communities? (Read More...)

Rape Epidemic In Europe: Why Won’t European Politicians Do Anything To Stop It?

Rape Epidemic In Europe - Public DomainAn epidemic of rape is sweeping all across Europe, and yet European politicians seem almost completely unwilling to stand up and do something about it. In some major European cities, women are absolutely petrified to go out by themselves – especially at night. Things have gotten so bad that some people are now making up entirely new words to describe what is going on. Steve Quayle has labeled this crisis “rapeageddon“, and I think that fits. Things are particularly bad in Germany, which has welcomed more refugees than any other European country in recent years. If you can believe it, Germany opened the doors for 1.1 million “asylum seekers” last year. That is an astounding number, and it is starting to have dramatic consequences for German society. (Read More...)

10 Horribly Violent Crimes That Were Committed By Illegal Immigrants

Violence Crime - Public DomainYes, illegal immigrants are responsible for lots of crime in this country.  In recent years, nearly 1000 illegal immigrants have been convicted of committing sex crimes against children in the state of Texas alone.  And as you will read about below, illegal immigrants have a murder rate that is 3 to 10 times higher than the general population.  So anyone that suggests that illegal immigrants don’t commit more crime than the rest of us is simply lying to you.  Unfortunately, even though we could prevent thousands upon thousands of violent crimes by securing our borders, the Obama administration refuses to do so and it has become very politically incorrect to even talk about this.  Every single day, American citizens are being murdered and raped by people that should not be in this country and yet nobody is supposed to address this issue.  No wonder our nation is in the process of self-destructing.  The following are 10 horribly violent crimes that were committed by illegal immigrants… (Read More...)

Violent Crime Is Surging In Major U.S. Cities And The Economy Is Not Even Crashing Yet

Violent Crime - Public DomainDon’t let anyone tell you that crime is going down in America.  All over the United States, rates of violent crime in our major cities are increasing by double digit percentages.  Murders are way up, shootings are way up and rapes are way up.  So what is behind this sudden spike in crime?  In Baltimore, authorities are pointing to the racial tensions that were stirred up by the riots that erupted in protest to the death of Freddie Gray.  But what about the rest of the country?  From coast to coast, we are witnessing a dramatic increase in violent crime, and the economy is not even crashing yet.  So what is going to happen when the next great economic crisis hits us, unemployment skyrockets, and people really start hurting? (Read More...)

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COP21, Succès de la COP21 : feu vert pour le climat, Un accord sans précédent, United Nations Climate Change Conference,Paris 2015, Comité de Paris, 6th meeting, 12 December

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Succès de la COP21 : feu vert pour le climat20151212_115305.jpg


La route vers Paris


Les gouvernements concluront un nouvel accord sur le changement climatique à Paris en décembre, qui doit mettre toutes les nations sur la voie d'un avenir durable en empêchant les températures moyennes mondiales d’augmenter de plus de 2 degrés Celsius, qui est la ligne de défense mondialement acceptée contre les pires impacts climatiques à venir.

L’Accord de Paris COP 21/CMP 11 sera établi dans le cadre de la Convention-Cadre des Nations Unies sur les Changements Climatiques (CCNUCC). Il sera guidé par son pdf-icon objectif ultime et par ses principes d'équité et de responsabilité commune mais différenciée, et des capacités respectives, tout en tenant compte des circonstances nationales.

Les négociations créent des cadres autour des domaines clés d'action et de responsabilisation accrues suivants:

  1. Les engagements et les plans nationaux pour la période post-2020 – contenus dans les contributions prévues déterminées au niveau national (INDC).
  2. La transparence et la responsabilité internationale des mesures des pays.
  3. Le soutien financier et technologique adéquat pour les pays en développement pour construire leur propre avenir basé sur l'énergie propre et résilient au climat.
  4. La trajectoire globale des émissions et leur orientation à long terme.

Lors de leur session à Genève, en février, les pays de la CCNUCC ont produit le pdf-icon texte officiel de négociation sur lequel sont basées les négociations de fond.

Lors de la conférence de Bonn, en juin (SB42), les Parties ont ensuite chargé les coprésidents du Groupe de travail ad hoc sur la plate-forme de Durban pour une action renforcée ("Le Groupe de travail spécial"), l’organe chargé d'atteindre le nouvel accord, de publier une version consolidée du texte formel "de Genève" en tant qu’outil pour aider les gouvernements dans leurs négociations.

Le 24 juillet, ils ont publié ce pdf-icon document qui clarifie ce que pourrait être le contenu de l'accord juridique émergent, quelles décisions pourraient être prises au moment où l’accord est adopté et quelles autres décisions devront être prises pour le rendre pleinement opérationnel avant son entrée en vigueur en 2020.

Les Parties se sont réunies à Bonn en septembre, chargeant les coprésidents de préparer un pdf-icon projet d'accord simplifié qui a été publié le 5 octobre.

Lors des négociations qui ont suivi en octobre, le groupe de travail a modifié le projet de texte d'accord pour produire la pdf-icon version transmise à Paris. Ce texte sera utilisé comme fondation pour conclure un accord.

Pour plus de détails sur le calendrier jusqu'à Paris, voir ci-dessous.

Calendrier des sessions
Genève, février 2015

La huitième partie de la deuxième session du Groupe de travail ad hoc sur la plate-forme de Durban pour une action renforcée (ADP) a eu lieu du 8 au 13 février 2015 à Genève, en Suisse.

Bonn, juin 2015

Les quarante-deuxièmes sessions du Corps subsidiaire de mise en œuvre (SBI 42) et du Corps subsidiaire de conseil scientifique et technologique (SBSTA 42), ainsi que la session de juin du Groupe de travail ad hoc sur la plate-forme de Durban pour une action renforcée (ADP2 -9) ont eu lieu du 1er au 11 juin 2015 à Bonn, en Allemagne.

Bonn, août/septembre 2015

La dixième partie de la deuxième session du Groupe de travail ad hoc sur la plate-forme de Durban pour une action renforcée (ADP) a eu lieu du 31 août au 4 septembre à 2015, à Bonn, en Allemagne.

Bonn, octobre 2015

La onzième partie de la deuxième session du Groupe de travail ad hoc sur la plate-forme de Durban pour une action renforcée (ADP) a eu lieu du 19 au 23 octobre à 2015 à Bonn, en Allemagne.

Paris, décembre 2015

La 21ème session de la Conférence des Parties (COP) et la onzième session de la Conférence des Parties siégeant en tant que réunion des Parties au Protocole de Kyoto (CMP) aura lieu du 30 novembre au 11 décembre 2015 à Paris en France.

NEW! Paris Agreement adopted 
(FCCC/CP/2015/L.9/Rev.1 - English only, versions in all UN official languages to be made available)

Information provided in accordance with Article 105 of the decision related to the adoption of the Paris Agreement

Progress on text

Comité de Paris
Mandate and Chairing
Open-ended group of legal and linguistic experts
Information for Observers
Meetings of the Comité de Paris
-Comité de Paris, 7th meeting, 12 December
-Comité de Paris, 6th meeting, 12 December
-Comité de Paris, 5th meeting, 10 December
-Comité de Paris, 4th meeting, 9 December
-Comité de Paris, 3rd meeting, 9 December
-Comité de Paris, 2nd meeting, 8 December
-Comité de Paris, 1st meeting, 7 December

Informal Consultations
List of issues and facilitators
Guidance from the President to facilitators on the conduct of informal consultations
Specific mandates to facilitators for their informal consultations on key issues
Scheduling and organizational arrangements
-Tuesday, 8 December
-Monday, 7 December

Statements by the COP Presidency
President’s statement at 5th plenary of COP 21 (5 December 2015) on the Organization of Work in the second week

Comité de Paris

Mandate and Chairing

As decided by the COP at its 5th plenary meeting on 5 December 2015, the President convened informal consultations by means of an open-ended single-setting group to be known as the Comité de Paris. The objective of these consultations was to make progress and facilitate compromise on the draft Paris Outcome and package of decisions transmitted to the COP by ADP.

The committee is chaired by the COP President, who could be replaced by Ambassador Laurence Tubiana, as necessary.

Open-ended group of legal and linguistic experts

At its 5th meeting on 5 December 2015 the COP, following standard United Nations practice, established an open-ended group of legal and linguistic experts to undertake a technical review of the text of the draft agreement and present the results of the review to the Comité de Paris by close of business on Thursday, 10 December 2015, for the latter’s consideration.

After informal consultations, the COP President appointed as Co-Chairs of the group Ms. Jimena Nieto Carrasco (Colombia) and Mr. Peter Horne (Australia). Coordinators of regional groups and of the small-island developing States were invited to submit nominations for the core membership of the group, consisting of 11 experts, by close of business on Monday, 7 December 2015. More details on the group’s mandate and composition are provided in the attached pdf-icon Notification (1006 kB) .

Information for Observers

Comité de Paris meetings are open to Parties and Observers, unless the committee decides otherwise. Open meetings will be televised in designated viewing rooms and webcast.

Due to space constrains, a number of access tickets will be distributed to representatives of observer organizations so that they can attend the meetings. 

UN organizations: please collect an envelope per organization from the information desk.

IGO: a limited number of tickets are available. Please request by email cool@unfccc.int and collect from the Observer Organizations Liaison team at Conference Affairs Services in Hall 2.

NGO: the tickets are distributed through the NGO Constituency Focal Points. NGOs that belong to constituencies are kindly invited to contact the following focal points: pdf-icon List of focal points (104 kB)

For details, contact the Observer Organization Liaison Office of the secretariat.

Meetings of the Comité de Paris 

          Comité de Paris, 7th meeting, 12 December

          The 7th meeting of the Comité de Paris was convened by COP President Laurent Fabius at 19:00 on 12 December to consider the
          draft Paris Agreement presented earlier to the Parties (see 6th meeting below). The committee heard the report of the group of legal and
          linguistic experts, which recommended some adjustments in the text of the draft agreement and its language versions. Subsequently,
          the committee consented to the President transmitting the draft agreement to the COP for adoption, with a number of technical
          corrections orally presented by the secretariat.

          The COP convened immediately after completion of the Comité de Paris meeting and adopted the Paris Agreement

           Comité de Paris, 6th meeting, 12 December
Following the informal consultations undertaken by the COP President on Thursday, 10 December, at the "Indaba of Solutions", the 
            President conducted  intensive consultations on 11 December with  groups and Parties on outstanding issues. The President  
            convened the 6th meeting of the Comité de Paris at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday, 12 December where he presented to the Parties the draft
            Paris Agreement. He invited the Parties to study the Agreement and reconvene to discuss it later in the day.       

           Comité de Paris, 5th meeting, 10 December

            At the fifth meeting of the Comité de Paris on 10 December, from 21:00 to 21:30, the COP President presented to Parties version 2 of  
            the Draft Paris Outcome
. This new version reflects inputs from Parties received in the course of the open-ended informal consultations 
            held during the previous night.

           The President announced that he intended to give Parties sufficient time to review the revised version and consult among themselves. 
           Starting from 11.30 pm, he would convene another round of open-ended informal consultations entitled “Indaba of Solutions” to resolve
            outstanding issues and arrive at a final version of the Draft Paris Outcome.

           Where in the course of the Indaba there are persistent differences on a certain issue, heads of delegation of interested Parties would
           be asked to seek solutions in a more focused setting and report back to the Indaba within 30-45 minutes. On the basis of the progress 
           achieved in the course of these consultations on the text as a whole, the President would present on the following day, 11 December, to
           the Comité de Paris his proposal for a final version of the text.

           The President also announced that all members of the open-ended group of legal and linguistic experts had been designated and that 
           the group had taken up work on articles 12, 13, 14, 16, 21, 23, 25 and 26 of the draft agreement.

Comité de Paris, 4th meeting, 9 December 

The Comité de Paris held its fourth meeting on 9 December from 20:00 to 23:30. Numerous Parties took the floor to provide their initial reactions to the Draft Paris Outcome made available earlier in the day. As next step, the President Invited Parties to informal consultations, as follows: 
  • Starting as of midnight, open-ended Indaba-type consultations on Differentiation, Support and Ambition, chaired initially by Minister Fabius, and later by Ambassador Tubiana (meeting room La Rhône; overflow rooms Le Rhin, La Garonne)
  • In parallel, open-ended informal consultations on Loss and Damage (midnight - 1 am); Cooperative approaches and mechanisms (1-2 am) ; Forests (2-3 am) and the Preamble (3-4 am); these will involve the corresponding facilitating ministers and will be coordinated by Minister Manuel Pulgar Vidal, President of COP 20 (meeting room Le Maroni).
The consultations are open to Parties only. The President announced his intention to issue a new revised text in the afternoon of Thursday, 10 December.
The President also proposed that the Comité de Paris pass on to the Open-ended Group of Legal and Linguistic Experts a limited number of “clean” articles of the Draft Paris Outcome for the legal and linguistic review, namely draft articles 12 to 26, with the exception of draft articles 15, 18 and 19.

Comité de Paris, 3rd meeting, 9 December

The Comité de Paris held its third meeting on 9 December from 15:00 to 15:30 hrs. At the meeting, the COP President, Minister Laurent   Fabius, presented to the delegates a Draft Paris Outcome based on the text transmitted to the COP by ADP on the previous Saturday and incorporating drafting guidance by the facilitating ministers and advice from the ADP co-facilitators. The President encouraged delegates to study the text closely and consult within their groups. The Comité de Paris would meet again at 20:00 hrs to hear the reactions of delegations to the new text. At that meeting the President would make proposals regarding the method of work.

The President asked the delegates to prepare for work overnight and during the following day, towards the elaboration and eventual adoption of the Paris Agreement within the foreseen time frame.


Comité de Paris, 2nd meeting, 8 December

The Comité de Paris held its second meeting on 8 December from 7.00-8.00 p.m. At the meeting, the COP President, Minister Laurent Fabius, gave the floor to the facilitating ministers to report on the results of the consultations they held during the day. These reports are attached below.

The President also used this occasion to announce his plan for the way forward, which was met with broad support by Parties. His remarks related to the next steps in the process are attached below.

Comité de Paris, 1st meeting, 7 December

The Comité de Paris held its first meeting on 7 December from 7.00-8.30 p.m. At the meeting the COP President, Minister Laurent Fabius, announced that he had requested ministers to assist him by consulting on additional issues, namely Adaptation and Loss & Damage, Cooperative Mechanisms and Forests (see below complete table of facilitating ministers as announced at this meeting and the COP plenary on 5 December).

The President further announced that he would seek assistance to undertake consultations on Response Measures. The names of ministers will be announced.

At the same meeting, ministers who had been requested at the COP plenary meeting on Sunday, 5 December, to undertake consultations on the four topics of Support/Means of Implementation; Ambition; Differentiation and Pre-2020 Action, respectively, presented their reports on consultations undertaken so far.

The next Comité de Paris meeting will take place on Tuesday, 8 December, 7.00-8.00 pm

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Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop says the Paris agreement is "an historic step in the global response to climate change".

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Qui nous protégera des logiciels tricheurs ? rapporte Industrie & Technologies, Vers des technologies de l’empathie ? Je suis ton air !

1agld1r.gifEn passant à l’échelle micro, l’intelligence et la petitesse sont devenues les nouveaux symboles de la puissance.

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Par le 29/09/15 | 13 commentaires | 1,791 lectures | Impression

Il aura donc suffi d’un petit logiciel perdu dans les centaines de milliers de lignes de code qui font désormais fonctionner nos voitures pour faire vaciller un géant mondial de la construction automobile. Quelques lignes de codes capables de modifier le calculateur moteur, permettant de réduire les émissions de gaz polluant d’un véhicule, uniquement lorsque celui-ci est soumis aux conditions très spécifiques des tests, comme l’explique dans son article de synthèse LeMonde.fr. Les conditions très établies et très spécifiques des tests (accélération lente, vitesse moyenne très faible, capot ouvert…) comme l’évoquait Thibaut Schepman pour Rue89 créent autant de conditions permettant au calculateur de la voiture de reconnaître s’il est en phase de test lui permettant d’adapter sa puissance et ses émissions en fonction. Car pour moins polluer, la voiture doit surconsommer.

Image : détournement par Greenpeace France.

L’onde de choc du #Volkswagengate ne cesse d’avoir des répliques. Il est en passe de se transformer en #dieselgate éclaboussant bien d’autres constructeurs automobiles, soulignant toujours plus la contradiction entre deux objectifs contradictoires : la diminution de la consommation d’énergie d’un côté et la réduction des émissions polluantes de l’autre. Deux objectifs antinomiques pour nous aussi consommateurs, qui voudrions des voitures toujours plus sobres et moins chères qu’elles ne peuvent l’être. Un peu comme si entre boire et conduire nous n’arrivions pas à choisir la bonne option.

Pour Alain Girault, directeur de recherche à l’Inria, rapporte Industrie & Technologies, cette histoire est emblématique des transformations du monde automobile de ces dernières années avec l’intégration de plus en plus d’informatique au coeur du véhicule, permettant de réguler et contrôler leurs fonctions avancées. Cette intégration toujours plus poussée de l’électronique, Rue89 en avait très bien montré les implications, en nous racontant l’évolution du métier même de garagiste, où le diagnostic mécanique d’un véhicule se fait désormais entièrement par informatique. Avec une informatisation toujours plus poussée, les bancs de test fournis par les constructeurs ne laissent voir que ce que le constructeur veut bien laisser voir de ses programmes, chaque constructeur étant en concurrence avec l’autre.

Le volkswagengate a bien sûr reposé la double question de l’indépendance des contrôles et de la transparence du code. Si la question de l’indépendance des contrôles est en passe d’être résolue par des mesures d’homologation aléatoires en conditions de conduites réelles, la question de la transparence, pour des questions de propriété intellectuelle, elle, demeure complète. Pour Eben Moglen, avocat de la Free Software Foundation et président du Software Freedom Law Center, grand chantre de la défense du logiciel libre, cet exemple illustre toute la limite des logiciels propriétaires que nul ne peut inspecter, rappelait-il au New York Times. A l’heure où le logiciel est partout, dans les avions, les appareils médicaux, les voitures… nous devons exiger que les logiciels puissent être inspectés, estime Moglen. “Si Volkswagen savait que chaque client qui achète un véhicule avait le droit d’en lire le code source, ils n’auraient jamais envisagé de tricher”. Pour Wired, Alex Davies explique pourtant que l’Agence de l’environnement américaine (EPA) s’est opposée récemment à une demande de chercheurs réclamant l’ouverture partielle du code des voitures pour qu’il puisse être examiné de manière indépendante, au prétexte que des utilisateurs mal intentionnés auraient pu utiliser cette information pour modifier le comportement de leurs voitures en les rendant plus puissantes au détriment de la réduction de leurs émissions polluantes. Pas de chance, ce ne sont pas les utilisateurs qui ont utilisé cette faille.

Vers une généralisation des logiciels tricheurs ?

Si on ne peut pas les inspecter, alors qui permettra aux logiciels de n’être pas conçu pour tricher ? interroge Daniela Hernandez pour Fusion. Ce n’est pas la première fois qu’un constructeur utilise un logiciel tricheur, rappelle la journaliste en évoquant les démêlés de Ford avec l’EPA en 1998. Pour Anna Stefanopoulou, ingénieure en mécanique à l’université du Michigan, désormais, “la plupart des unités de contrôle du moteur disposent du matériel et du logiciel nécessaire pour contourner ou modifier la stratégie réglementaire”.

A l’heure où tous nos appareils électroniques embarquent du logiciel, le problème des logiciels tricheurs risque surtout d’empirer, suggère la journaliste. Et si nul n’a accès au code, qui pourra se rendre compte de ce que font nos machines ? Ryan Calo, de l’université de Washington donne un exemple un peu extrême, mais parlant. Demain, les entrepôts robotisés d’Amazon pourraient se réorganiser à la volée pour respecter les exigences du code de prévention des incendies lors d’un préavis d’inspection. N’est-ce pas d’ailleurs ce que font les humains quand une inspection déboule ? Les robots pourraient mémoriser une liste de points de contrôle pour répondre aux normes quand il y en a besoin. C’est d’ailleurs tout le problème des machines à voter et des machines à sous, estime Calo : comment être sûr que leur fonctionnement respecte leurs obligations ?

A mesure que nos vies s’informatisent, nous devenons toujours plus vulnérables à la fraude numérique. Pour Bart Selman, spécialiste de l’Intelligence artificielle à l’université de Cornell, d’autres domaines sont encore à risque, comme le monde médical, l’assurance ou la finance, où le secret et la confidentialité des contraintes rendent encore plus difficile la détection des actes répréhensibles. Pour lui, nous devons exiger de nouvelles règles pour contraindre les ingénieurs logiciels à être responsables de leurs actes, explique-t-il en invitant à introduire des procédures éthiques pour que les algorithmes rendent compte de leurs effets. “A mesure que les objets du quotidien deviennent plus intelligents et plus connectés, nous allons avoir besoin de nous inquiéter de manquements de plus en plus nuancés à la loi”, rappelle encore Calo.

Le problème, estime Daniela Hernandez est que les agences de contrôle ne disposent pas toujours de l’expertise nécessaire ni des moyens pour vérifier tous les logiciels qui referment chaque jour un peu plus leurs rets sur nous. Calo a suggéré de créer une agence fédérale de la robotique chargée de superviser ces questions logicielles. En attendant d’ouvrir les modèles, suggère Daniela Hernandez, la meilleure solution pour les citoyens et les militants consiste à construire “des machines pour surveiller les machines”, de construire une rétroingénierie des systèmes techniques. Plus facile à dire qu’à faire quand on ne peut accéder ni aux données ni aux logiciels. C’est pourtant bien ce qu’à accompli, là encore, l’ONG à l’origine de la révélation de la fraude de Volkswagen, l’International Council for Clean Transportation, qui a testé les émissions de voitures dans d’autres conditions que celles des tests standardisés avant d’en avertir l’agence de l’environnement américaine. En attendant que le régulateur comprenne la nécessité de favoriser les contrôles, de renforcer les contre-pouvoirs, indépendance et rétroingénierie, sont les deux leviers qui demeurent à notre disposition.

Hubert Guillaud


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